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Published in Canada - First steps in eRevollution - 24 Apr 2016 09:26 - 7
Hello soldiers world wide , today i ll represent Canadian Special Forces !!!
Canadian Special Forces recruiting soldiers , everyone is welcome in Canada !!!
We are National military unit , we count 58 soldiers , some of them left game , or they forgot to play. :D
Considering on situation we are forced to recruit new and fresh blood !!!
                                                                 Canadian Special Forces

CSF was made in early February , there was few soldier Panda Killer , Raspistolj Futrolic , Vojo 1389 , Lopov , Amotries , Tryasyoumight , Harrypothead , Wookie , Danilo96 , pikavac93 , Hoodlife and few more guys who left game . :)

Today there is same guys with few new members like me , Shadows034 , Omnia , Silverma , Aleksandra , Moamer Gadafi ...

For few days we will start to share energy from our own Food Company , and we start collecting golds for Heli Factory ...
We have great leaders but not enough power ...

                                          Canadian Special Forces are waiting for you !!!

Click here to join us !


AmotriesVlad the Impaler

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Hail CSF! Hail Canada!
Hail CSF! Hail Canada! o7
Hail Canada
Good Luck for you! o7
ty MrWaReZz , for more information come on
Hail CSF! Hail Canada! o7
Hail CSF! Hail Canada! o7