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Today s Date: 4/22/16
Author(s): Apollos, White House Press Secretary
Topic(s): New Leadership, Media drive

Good afternoon, and happy Friday!

Apollos here, with your regular update. Apologies for missing last week. I had no news to report, and former President Biohaze was inaccessible due to RL time demands.

New Administration
Along those lines, President Biohaze recently resigned due to those time demands , and we have a new President, as well as an updated Cabinet. Here are the roles: 

President - Arith
Secretary of Treasury/Acting Secretary of State - MadCatter
Secretary of Interior and Education - SpitfireYG
Temporary Secretary of Defense -  Arith
Secretary of Media - Apollos
Deputy Secretary of Media - Joey3790

Some of these are temporary assignments and will further solidified as the month progresses. The good news is that we have a full Cabinet, most with good experience, and all with commitment to serve and make the eUSA a better place to fight, work, and play.

Media Growth

As a note, although we have two Cabinet positions dedicated to media presence, we by no means want to be the sole source of information. Forming a paper is inexpensive, and it s a great way to network, voice your opinion, and even make money/gold. If you would like to participate in the official media department of the eUSA, please message me. We would like to run programs, offer prizes, and get more people talking. There is working being done on a regular podcast, and I would be happy to have an advertising assistant. We can arrange for an official job, and are also open to freelance work. Media is the lifeblood of a country!

Stay active, eAmerica!



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