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First of all for  NEWS from yesterday changes click HERE.

Yesterday, we had first CP elections, and tomorrow we will hold congress members elections. It is time to show you how to run and lead your country right. To reach the Congress board click on the name of your country below your name on home page like it show on the picture.

Next, click on the Administration tab.

Clicking on Propose a law will open a drop down menu, allowing you to choose one from many laws to propose. Notice how it says you have 10 proposals remaining.  Each time you propose a law it will decrease, even if the law voting fails.

For every good economy, you need to have a currency that people use to trade. Currently there is lack of it, so lest propose a law to print out more national currency. Go to Issue money option. Each gold can print 100 currency, so in the field you enter how much currency you want to print ( for example if you want to print currency for 50 gold,  enter 5000 ), then click Submit. Law is now proposed.

To vote for this law click on the button details next to that law.

And finally vote Yes in order for law to pass. Each law takes 24 hours delay in order for President and Members of the Congress to vote.

What most of you is probably waiting for is Law for Declaring a War. Click on Declare a war in Propose a Law drop-down menu, select a country you want to declare a war to, and click Submit. Make sure you have borders with that country, or else you will have declared war for nothing, and won't be able to invade.

It is not good to start a War without allies, so lets make some now. Propose a Mutual Protection Pact to another country, and make sure you are on the winning team. This law has to be accepted in the other country as well or else you won't gain allies.

You can also declare the country you are attacking your Natural Enemy. When attacking or defending against Natural Enemy, your people have bonus damage in battles.

You can suggest a law to Donate money from treasury to a selected person. First choose currency ( can be Gold or some of national currencies), then select that person's ID and then the amount you want to be donated. Lastly click on submit

Setting a VAT and Import laws is important for country (whether to protect own's industry or to pick higher taxes that fund the country ). Value added tax will be added to all products, while import tax will be added to products from other countries.

You can also set a Work tax on citizen's salaries to make your country budget fill up faster.

If you ever think that employers in your country are too greedy, you can raise the minimum salary they can offer to their workers.

In case you lose your capital due to war, you can suggest a law to set some of your other regions as capital.

If Members of the Congress don't feel like Country President is doing a good job, they can suggest a law to impeach the president and suggest a new one to replace him.

Another option to protect your own economy from importers is to set up a Trading Embargo on other countries.

And of course, you can change the welcoming message for new people that register in your country, where you offer them tutorials and your help in order to keep them in the game and make your country stronger.

That is it for today's tutorial, have fun and enjoy the game.


Kazuma Satou

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When countries donate money and gold, will there be a future option to send to an organisation or will it only be to players?
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Hey Folks! How about some new missions? By the way GG to all!
Issue money can't solve the currency scarcity admin, will it ? It will still be a closed system and producers will hold the people currency at my sense Sad If I'm wrong I would be glad to see anyone proving it to me, I'm suspicious
voted ty!
México's NE now: Colombia O/
How much gold each country will have in its treasure ? I hope, enough to create a military unit ? :x
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I'm from Portugal, and I just saw that my country has a CP but we didn't have elections, how can this be?