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Dear fellow countrymen,

I am Brynjar, and as you may have -or may have not- seen, I ve been chosen as your new governor.

I am now reminding you of the Jobs State Programme (name may vary over time). As you may have read on the article written by our Konungr Ragnar, jobs at the moment have absurd salaries.

That is why we are providing jobs to every Danish citizen that applies for this programme.  What do you have to do? Simply apply for the jobs offered by Ragnar, and you will get an extra 0.11g per day (which, according to the ingame mechanics, would be similar to 20-30 dkk).

To explain this, I ll quote our CP s words:

For the last few weeks, we have been offering some job opportunities at low salaries, paying every employee later 0.1g. Why? Well, we barely have any dkk, so high salaries would make employers automatically poor after a few weeks. By paying in gold, we won t be lacking any currency and we offer our employees a tax-free salary that allows them to buy whatever they need in gold in the black market.

If you want to have a decent salary, just apply for one of the job positions offered by me (your Konungr).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them via PM or on the comments section.

Kind regards,

Brynjar, Governor of Denmark.

PS: I will re-publish this article from time to time, so new players can benefit from this measure.


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