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Dear fellow countrymen!
Thanks to the efforts of many people in Germany, we are going to restore the monarchy, and now it will be headed by Kaiser or Kaiserin.


Today I want to introduce you the new Cabinet.


The mainstream of my politics will be directed primarily tothe fact that our Reich, our Germany, should take a worthy place among the other countries in the World of eRevollution. The new Reich will play the role igned by own history.
In order to do this, our best minds will prepare certainplans not just about the economical and military reforms, then also some other reforms, like the projects for attracting and employing immigrants in our homeland.
At the moment, the German armed forces are composed of regular units - Bad Company


and the Imperial Guard "Kaiserin Klinge".


We are planing to strengthen both of units. Players fromother countries are invited to join and serve in these elite units, also.

The course of German foreign policy will be focused on thefact that we need to get back our historical regions. We want to express our gratitude to the friendly Governments of Ukraine and Poland, who are acting kindly and returned us these regions.
Throughout history, Germany was faithful ally who fulfillsthe obligations. We're going to continue this tradition. We will be a loyal friends to all who are acting friendly to us, and we have only a hope, that we will expand the circle of friends. But we will be the worst enemies of those who will act like our enemies. So, I will invite everyone to make the right choice!



The German people always have been hard-working, cheerfuland honest. They gave the world a many famous writers and composers, poets and musicians, engineers and scientists, theologians and philosophers, wise kings and great warriors. We inviting  allinteresting Erev citizens, in order to help us and making the life of the game more interesting. All is in our hands! Let us make an interesting and fun place of the 4th Reich imperial land !


Angelika Adalinda von Berlichingen zu Preußen aka Rory,

Deutsche Kaiserin


Шановні співвітчизники та представники інших держав!
Завдяки зусиллям багатьох жителів Рейху в Німеччині відбулась реставрація монархії. До чергового перевороту тепер Рейх будуть очолювати Кайзер або Кайзерін, як було на протязі сторіч.
Сьогодні я хочу представити Вашій увазі новий Кабінет міністрів.
    Прем`єр-міністр – Fric
    Міністр оборони - Emroy
    Міністр іноземних справ - BlackWidow
    Міністр економіки та Перший заступник Міністра іноземних справ - Shisui Uchiha.
    Міністр освіти - Peaky Blinder.



Внутрішній курс мого двору буде спрямовано в першу чергу на те, щоб наш Рейх, наша Німеччина могла зайняти достойне місце серед інших країн еРев, та відігравати роль, відведену їй самою історією.
З цією метою намічені економічна та військова реформи та інші зміни, над планами котрих зараз працюють наші найкращі спеціалісти.



На сьогодні Збройні сили Райху складаються з

Ми плануємо укріплювати обидва підрозділи. Гравці з інших країн запрошуються до служби в цих елітних частинах.


Зовнішньополітичний курс Німеччини буде спрямовано на те, щоб в першу чергу повернути її історичні регіони. Ми висловлюємо подяку дружнім урядам України та Польщі, котрі люб`язно погодились повернути нам ці регіони.
Німеччина протягом століть була вірна союзницьким зобов’язанням,за що неодноразово страждала. Проте ми маємо намір продовжити традицію вірності союзникам. Ми будемо хорошими друзям всім, хто є нашим другом, та маємо сподівання розширити коло друзів.  Проте ми будемо і запеклими ворогами тим, хто захоче бути нам ворогом. Пропоную всім зробити правильний вибір!



Німецький народ завжди був працелюбним, веселим, життєрадісним.Він дав світу багатьох відомих письменників та композиторів, поетів та музикантів, інженерів та вчених, теологів і філософів, мудрих правителів та великих воїнів. Всіх цікавих громадян еРев не залежно від національності запрошуємо перебиратись до нас, щоб зробити життя цікавішим. Все в наших руках!

Зробимо королівський двір Четвертого Рейху цікавим та веселим!



Анґеліка Адалінда Брунхілдт Ерна Кларамонд фон дер Танн унд Берліхінген-Шварценберг цу Пройсен (псевдо - Рорі)

Кайзерін Рейху 


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First! o7
Second! o7
gl guys, all the best o7
Hallo Deutschland Laugh
GL Germán y o/.
Yeah, damn right o7
I like how kamineko, lord tamaki or Rory or whoever he is - enjoy this game in Role playing way Laugh There are just a few players like you! BIG BIG respect for all yakuza now keizer company Cheeky You are bringing refreshment to this game o/
rory isnt kami neko m8 Smile the evolution after lord tamaki now is emroy Smile
hard voted
vote o7
Вот сестронько, дивно як ти того ще німецькою ненаписала =РРР
Hail Germany ! (Alsace is frznch historical région :p)
Hail Germany ! ô7
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWgDzQ0mWTg Georgian woman Laugh Hail Germany! o7
Deutshland uber alles
Hail Germany Smile
Rongu teikoku o ikimasu!
@Optimum, like DrethGar said rory is our queen i m the king and control the army Cheeky
A english/Ukraine article? Why not german? Cheeky Looks like Yakuza/Ukrainian PTO Germany. This is a game but the the Reich fits kinda good in current IRL UA politics. But I think I will get a tempban if i develop it further Cheeky
Hail Deustchland!, Greetings from Perú! Voted, suscribed and endorsed!
Crying again,really Jimmy, be sure that this is not PTO
I m not crying I just found the text and content ironical because of the IRL politics and history hehe
Hail Germany ! o7 But don t try to take Alsace cause Alsace belongs to frankriech Smile
To show my point, the eagle in the banner is a nazi symbol in same article mentioning 4th reich you should google it. Does anyone notice the black eagle in the picture? If you didn t you can find it here by a quick google search. Anyone see the similarities? http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/nazi-eagle-symbol-set-8643996.jpg
@Jimmy86, https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prusia - Learn the history -_-
Y@Jimmy86 You are wrong, the black eagle is from the flag of prussia in late 19th century https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Prussia and you cant compare it with nazi symbols, also for the reich it means empire, if you dont know those things just google it before you comment
@Jimmy86, every day you breathe air, but did you know it s the same thing Hitler did when he was signing orders to kill people? Shame on you, you nazi copycat!
It s like saying that Swastika is not a nazi symbol either - if you do know history.
Jimmy86, this is a game, don t trying to get it on another level, Germany is not PTO-ed, just look at our Bundenstag , enjoy game and dont try to spin this article.
http://i11.pixs.ru/storage/0/6/1/jjjjpg_5197543_21623061.jpg Guess, who is second? ^_^
@Jimmy86 , ask to an indian guy Laugh
Does Germany intend to create the Holy Roman Empire? Cheeky
Meine lieber Freund Jimmy! Verstehen Sie Deutsch, vielleicht? Oder, denken sie, die deutsche leute sprechen keine English? Wir leben in dem neuen internationalen Deutschland, und das ist unsere 4. Reich. Möchten Sie uns beitreten?
nazwał bym to sprawiedliwością historyczną w realnym świecie okupowani przez islam w eświecie przez japonie Laugh
@Gretsch, then I can go on with examples except the Swastika. Iron Cross for example, is that a nazi symbol or Prussia?
- Господин Киселев, вот вы говорите, что в Киеве фашистская хунта, а в Украине премьер - еврей... - Вот я и говорю: проклятые фашисты заставили простого еврейского парня рулить экономикой страны в такое сложное время!
Jimmy86 (in erevollution game known as jimmy mastercard), if you are trying to spin this article in something that this article is not, how can you explain that you use mastercard and mastercard supports racist according to this article http://www.constantin ort.com/visa-mastercard-ku-klux-klan-yes-wikileaks-no/ , so same as you I can spin every word that you are saying. Instead of that just vote this article and move on, or come to Germany and help us to expand German Empire (German Reich) , tschüß
Дай, Джим, на щастя лапу мнє, Таку лапищу не відал я зроду.
@Jimmy86, The Nazis of the future will call themselves anti-fascists. Sir Winston Churchill ^_^
So Jimmy, please consider my offer to come in Germany and become an executive officer in our Department of Economy. I would like to cooperate with you in building a perfect german s model of economy.
@Peaky Blinder, so everyone that has a mastercard is a nazi according to your conclusion? Cheeky @Rory, You mean Neo-nazism? Cheeky https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neo-Nazism
No, Jimmy, I was trying just to relax you
@Jimmy86, No, I mean those fighters who see the swastika where it is not and begin efforts to fight. The eternal theme of neo-Nazism raise only Russians, what is making things much uglier than the Nazis 70 years in the past.
All other nations are moving forward and not look back back, looking swastikas in their nightmares.
@Peaky Blinder, hehe still I it was a long shot, no comments regarding the Iron Cross yet @Shisui Uchiha, too bad we have gold standard in this game, otherwise I would be the perfect candidate Wink https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperinflation_in_the_Weimar_Republic
@Rory, so you mean neo-nazi is a profound from Russia now? https://ukraineantifascistsolidarity.wordpress.com/2014/09/12/german-tv-shows-nazi-symbols-on-helmets-of-ukraine-soldiers/
jimmy ne jedi govna!!!
@Jimmy86 I can tell a lot about how the USSR (Russia) built 3rd Reich, she behaved with Ukraine and other countries, such as Afghanistan, Georgia and Chechnya. But there is no place in this debate and you are not the person with whom I want to lead this debate. I can offer another film, which was created in itself Russia. https://youtu.be/7i9d7jowaUU
@Jimmy86. There are some things valuable more than gold. You can t buy the bright mind, an ability to bring some new ideas, an extraordinary still or friends with the gold. Leave this pointless discussion and join us. Discover the new world and true challenges with us. This game is not just about shouting, fighting and arguing between us.
@Rory, Chechnya is now built up more modern than most russian regions after the war. In the equation you forgot to mention the CIA support to mujahedin which later caused chaos in Afghanistan and civil war, where my ex lived during that time. In Georgia, it was Georgia that was attacking schools, hospitals and important part of infrastructure and Russia intervene ofc. check statistics who killed most civilians and what Georgia destroyed while Russia just attacked military targets.
@Jimmy86 please stop bringing RL into the game
@Jimmy86. If someone very much wants, he can justify Satan. This Conversation makes no sense.
Kein Deutsch - kein Vote
Someone talking about reich, Reichsmarschall is here Laugh
quote Shisui Uchiha 2 hours ago Meine lieber Freund Jimmy! Verstehen Sie Deutsch, vielleicht? Oder, denken sie, die deutsche leute sprechen keine English? ... /quote dont try to fool us shisui. maybe you learned some german words from your lover in skopje. but it was not enough.
Unbelievable! Jimmy- vatnik!!1!
Пума повертається ))) Вот №90 )))
samo pazite da ne naljutite Kami Neka jer ce kvitat igru Laugh opet Cheeky
great job !!!!!
hail germany o/
Kein Deutsch - Kein Vote!
So many animu for germany Cheeky gimme waifus plox
ernsthafft? gott mit uns war das einzige deutsche dass ich hier lesen durfte? sieht aus als ob ihr da ne art rollenspiel spielt von dem ihr nicht das geringste wisst und das ihr vermutlich auch nie verstehen werdet...
btw whould be nice if you could rename my bad company... i dont want to see the name of the glorious BC in such articles... thanks...
Ich glaube dass, ein bisschen roleplay sehr gut für Deutschland ist. Ich gratuliere euch für ihre Entscheidung, und ich hoffe, dass wir eine freundschaftliches Verhältnis haben können. o7
Good luck Smile
Vielen Dank! Ich bin zuversichtlich, dass die freundschaftlichen Beziehungen sein wird!
@ednau 1. I have no intention to ask you for permission, to use here the language of country where I was born in RL 2. I don t have any girl from Skopje, and never have a chance to meet some Sad @RAF904 Read the rules carefully. I don t see the point of your comments. You are not the only one here, who can be a eGerman. About your MU, it s your fault. IF you care about Bad Company, then go back to Germany. We are inviting you to join us and share the same dream. @Phor Killick Sagen Sie es auf Deutsch.
Viel Glück an Deutschland.. Gruss aus Bosnien ;-)
Well, why it is not German article I can understand, but do you seriously identify with these anime german s people in nazi uniforms?! Poor selection of images... 1. Third under YT film - looks very likely as gestapo uniforms, 2. Fifth under YT film - from left looks like: Scharführer insignia from WW2)
They have a right to choose pictures or languge.