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Published in Chile - Social interactions and entertainment - 19 Apr 2016 10:08 - 17

Hello everybody!

My nickname is LoboRojo, current MoFa of RChile,

I inform you about a new country, RChile, We are happy to participate in this new journey.

We want to show that our country will fight and show loyalty in the future, piecemeal, some compatriots are joining the game. We will fight hard and closely with those who offer us their loyalty, also I want to thank those who have supported us, specially to all Old players in RChile.

I make a call to all ompatriots who are abroad and want to help, foreigners who want to be part of this family, RChile.

A call to arms! Chileans all!

By reason or force


Saludos a Todos!

Mi nickname es LoboRojo, actual Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de RChile

Les quiero informa a uds acerca de un nuevo país, RChile, estamos felices de participar en este nuevo viaje.

Queremos mostrar que nuestro país va a luchar y mostrar lealtad en el futuro, paso a paso, algunos compatriotas se están uniendo al juego. Nosotros vamos a luchar con fuerza y cercanía con quienes nos ofrezcan su lealtad, ademas quiero agradecer a quienes nos han apoyado, especialmente a todos los antiguos jugadores de RChile.

Hago un llamado a todos nuestros compatriotas quienes quieran ayuda, extranjeros quienes quieran ser parte de esta familia, RChile.

Un llamado a las armas! Chilenos todos!

Por la Razón o la Fuerza!

Viva Chile Mierda!


Alejandro MadridMartin Luna 74

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o7 Chile Grande!
Bienvenidos! V + S!
Hello! ^^
LOOOOOOOL Aweboniao y ya tienen canal irc?
Nice to see Chilean activity, good luck o7
Chilean gratittude and loyality is very well known from other games. You are opportunist, and simillar to dogs that bite a hand that have feed them Wink Greetings to Chile, forever opponents for me, country and players that do not deserve never ever to get any kind of help Smile
Only one Serb can say that, Akasuna hahah
weon qliao te espero en ws hahhaha
Bienvenidos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wuena lobo
buena wn, así da gusto, viva chile!