Song of Ireland

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Ireland...a beautiful country, I have not been anywhere more beautiful...a long long history, we have been Kings and slaves, and everything in between, we are the best and worst of everything.....even to this day. Leon Uris described it as "A Terrible Beauty"

We once attempted to invade Canada which was as close as we ever got to taking over another country....not very close...:D 
Why...Because we were way too busy fighting each other to invade anyone else....and too busy to stop anyone else from invading us. 

Have we changed as a nation, united in a single purpose, to make this a fair and balanced place for everyone.........

I am keeping this short and sweet to start with but the Nation of Ireland is the topic and main discussion of this newspaper....Who we are? Why we are, what we get right, what we get wrong...and more....

I believe that that Plato's Microcosm and the Macrocosm are reflected in online for better or worse you will feel the full impact of my keyboard on these pages..


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That s a cool picture o7
Cliffs of Moher...
That s peaceful... Great article, I m glad you did it Smile
Thank you very much Luke, it is merely a very very brief synopsis of something that I really wish to explore.
Vote o7 best of luck Ireland
Thanks of luck with your know there is always somewhere to go back to here...Smile