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Hello friends

As I announced in previous article, we will try to fix price problem on market.
In this article, I will show you table with products and their prices, how it should be.

The table looks like this:

It would be nice if you'd sell your products with this prices, in order to stabilize our market and economy.
Me, and country generally, will appreciate that.
Thanks in advance.

Vojo 1389



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(CAM) Canadian price analysis
o7 , - slicno kao ovo Smile
Да, да, то смо искористили као основу Smile
Odlicno o7
q4 helis:9.5 q5 helis: 10 q5 house 1700... lol... ok i will give you 170 q5 helis and you give me 1 q5 house... deal? Smile
All prices updated! Smile Vote + shout o/
@RAF904 this prices are for CAD not for gold.