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Congrats Jimmy86, you BROKE the game !

Nothing more to say, everyone can see the GAP between Jimmy and players like me.
Great Job , Admin ! Suddenly i lost my interest to play this game, there is no fun anymore.


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Totally agree...
Honestly France uses much more EB.
like if u cri evertitime
Stupidity must be fed, admins please introduce incremental cost for energy bars...
Who cares who used more EB ? I m talking about GAP between players, not between countries and organisation. You have to count damage of 3 players from FR side to reach Jimmy s damage.
Jimmy already is a juggernought, Changing the EB Will hurt france more than it hurts Jimmy. Jimmy should be a 1 Man Country
There is a problem obviously but it is not simple to put a limit because even with a limit if the player buys 40 ED every day they can use 280 in one battle every week. There is no way you can control this. So yes good strategy from Jimmy to keep ED from one battle even if in the final it is kind a joke that Jimmy puts more damage than whole Japan
the drinks are limited... you can buy 32 drinks (2+10+20) every 12 hours... so 64 drinks per day... i was buying drinks since some days... and jimmy was buying drinks since some days more...^^ btw i havent bought any gold with RL money since 1 or 2 months now... im sorry for that admins... Sad
Its obvious that admins do not understand that this p2w with EB stuff will ruin the game, and that they will stay without their jobs sooner or later. So, enjoy while it last, cause bankrupt of admins and fail of the game is inevitable. They have choose to take little bit of money now, rather then to have continuous income. So, as I said - this game is gonna die inevitably - so enjoy while we all are still here Wink
Man grown up. His money, he can buy whatever he want. Stop cruying, play the game or give up if u dont like it.
the admins shoud add a limit for consuming the drinks per day.
Only solution possible as I see - for admins to have earnings and for strategy to be alive - is that they make 20 EB cost 5e, that you can buy it only for money, and that once activated cant be used before 24h pass. Which means that you can buy as much packages of 20 EB as you want, but you cant spend more then 20 in 1 day (24 hours). On that way admin will get money, and strategy will actually be an option here as a way of play - not just in the very de ion of the game at login page, and nowhere else Smile
BattleHero the shitposter no one needs and no one deserves.
jimmy was ally of France, but why?
Why he didnt use this for his countrie ?
Energy drinks in the store are limited, he must have hoarded it for long time...
P2W : (
and my dmg is very little
I agree with you BattheHero Smile
Nobody accused neither Jimmy neither any other VISA player for using his money on this game... but the opposite... for implementing an unbalanced gameplay for other j4f players. Jimmy can spend all his damned money on this game if he wants to and no ordinary player can stop him, I just wonder if he thought inside himself that he s making the game boring unplayable for another 15 thousand people. It s all due to a huge mistake on the start: gold purchasing since day 1. Kylo Ren is an example of how unbalanced the game was since the start, with having his TC s maxed by day 1, companies and about 300k-400k damage while 5k was the maximum an individual could ve made back then.
We have limited all so jimmy was saving his damage for important battle Raf wrote the limit per day
why did sudenly france and its allies stuck with Jimmy?? What about other big players who support game? I never seen france and allies complaining when Kylo was winning battles for them?? 2 months ago, kylo was wining battles alone, i remember him hitting for Greece where he did more dmg than entire Bulgaria .. and yet not one greek friendly country complained.. Maybe if you than said something, maybe today things would be different. But than France, Greece, Turkey etc ware all happy, as Kylos VISA was winning battles for you, yet now you complain as your visas lost vs Jimmy.. How many french are buying same EB that won them battle against Japan?? Why didnt you complain than?? All i see is bunch of hypocrites here whining . Make no mistake, im for limiting visa power, and i would spend money if it was monthly based some normal ammount for some benefit, but not battle winning. But this lads that spend lots of money here, while at they might be ruining game for many, at same time they are keeping game alive as we all do. So i have to say again, WHY HAVENT YOU COMPLAINED FEW DAYS AGO ABOUT VISA, AS FRENCH VISA WON BATTLE AGAINST JAPAN??? Now some one came along who has bigger than you , and you feel inadequate and its not far (still on about VISA ). Well deal with it, there will alwayas be someone who has bigger visa
While i would agree, this was known problem ages ago yet you that are loudest today didnt say a word. Half of guys on french side have used their heavy-duty visa. So why are french crying now?? For me all 16 players here are Jimmy and i will never match their dmg. I dont cry about it, as i supported game , they did 2, just more, nothing wrong there. Whats wrong is that one man is singled out just because he hit against you after he was called by same side random bad names, traitor etc etc.. BTW if visa power would be removed from game, Serbia would never be deleted , it was done thanks to guys like Kylo and his visa, yet french didnt complain. Also most important thing, if visa would be removed tomorrow, France would be deleted last week if serbia wanted that- FACT. Congrats Jimmy for making half eRev world crying o7
If you and me , and others players are here for fun, why you care about him ? They spending money it is normal to have soma advance, we are not spending money just playing for ourselves and for fun Laugh so dont be angry my friend Laugh
U write about bulshi*s? sorry Laugh
if you cant wins agains visa player, just become visa player. simple like that man dont babyrage here
Yes energy bars need limited
BLA BLA BLA HAIL SERBIA. Yo solo se que serbia les tumbo todo, asi que pueden quejarse como sea pueden perder tambien el interes pero PERDIERON
pay to win
Hahaha, its funny to see poor kids crying that they are not rich enough to afford pay2win playstyle - like pro players do. Its like asking admins to make game more fair for poor players. Noone cares about them, eRev team needs profits. Game is bussiness, nothing else.
Hypocrite hahaha sad frenchman
Remind me did you typed same type of article when vist made 5000 hits vs Poland? No. OK, them don t accuse me when I write you want this limit only when it is in your interest.
Absolutely true for everyone in the game regardless of the allience of belonging.
LOL Cheeky
There blood in your hands now Jimmy83 Cheeky XD
@Gianni001 You can win without Visa, just use your MasterCard Smile
@all guys wich still write all that france is crying shit: where??? look at Battleheros CS... noobs... -.- i was reading in the shouts and everywhere that french guys should stop crying... but i have never seen a french guy who was crying about something... do you guys see things wich i cant see?
Thanks for giving me the honor for ruining the game for you guys Wink
Ahaha, only Serbs buy VIP, VIP is only for Serbs users... Ahahah...
Plz admins limit the red bulls golds everything to 1week+
Money over enjoying the game... I would forbid RL money...but its they way of earning money...f*ck it :/
my vote and support ! this is insane how far are some damage just after few months... and they put damage booster..
Envy detected in someone that don t want to put more than €1,99/mo. Money was made to be used and, in truly, everybody needs money to keep anything. If you don t like, accept it. The good part is the game has only 100 days and some implements helps a lot many other players, especially the new ones, like the extra CT until 1k STR...
Hardly voted ^_^
Hardly voted ^_^