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Hi everybody,
First of all I would like to thank all the ones who voted me, Estonia was one of the two countries who had real elections (more than one candidate), so it was quite a interesting elections. I would like to thank Luminance too that even if didn't win the election he is helping me to manage Estonia! 

What we will do for Estonia :

-Make a message for the newbies in order that they can easily understand the game, and participate in our community.
-Organize internally the country ( make a MU where Estonian people can do their Daily Orders, Organize the party's etc.)
-Try to create or join an alliance with other countries
-Try to make a war an invade inactive countries, with not a lot of people

What you guys should do:

-Keep playing this game 
-Keep spamming this game in others in order to make people come
-Send me a PM if you need help or have a suggestion to make me
-Keep fighting and be stronger to make Estonia stronger

Today is election day, we are electing congress , don't forget to vote!

Your beloved CP

Javier Miguel


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What you should do: 1. Learn Estonian. 2. Learn some more of our beautiful language. 3. Repeat points 1 and 2. I am actually glad this isn't a "real" PTO since you ask for Estonians (you know, the guys who honour the flag you see below your profile) for help. It would still be nice of you to resign though Wink