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Greetings citizens of eRevollution,
I am proud to announce that Amaterasu is recruiting new soldiers!

Themed music: Yoshida Brothers - Ibuki

Who are Amaterasu?

- Amaterasu is a Japanese Military Unit fighting for the interest of the Japanese Emperor and his allies.

We are the 2nd strongest Military Unit in the world in total damage, and the strongest one in damage-per-member ratio (102,752,792) while the second one (Serbian Special Forces) comes at almost half of our number - 52,942,496.

We are also notoriously known for being extremely mobile, disciplined and organized. Our Military Unit is multi-cultural, with members from every continent on the world except Australia. Our official language is English, though we are all Japanese at heart, and act accordingly. Our commanders are very strict, so do not expect to go against the given rules easily.

 and our expectations

Requirements: 1,000 strength, ability to communicate in English language and activity.

We expect you to follow our orders without hesitation, respect the Daily Order, to work in one of our companies and to use our avatar frame. Also, everyone who takes Japanese citizenship is forbidden from entering our political party for 1 month.

What do you get in return

The honor of being a soldier of Amaterasu, daily supply of around 75 Q1 helicopters (depends on your hit strength) and 500 energy, 50+ extra Q1 helicopter supplies almost every day for those who come on our organized hits (On our IRC channel). and Gold support for training grounds to selected members.
Want to apply?

Contact nakituminayashi via in-game message, or come seek us at the Japanese public channel - #rNippon

Captain of Amaterasu,


Bosnian tankPhantom986

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Amateratsu, i m here for you ♥
voted o7
Stormtroopers have no aim, your soldiers and MU will fail !
No boobs no vote
Pretty sure that wont include people from countries that aren t allied to Japan lol
False. We have already accepted multiple soldiers from countries rivaling Japan.
nice self-trolling, stormtrooper forever !
Do you need help Japan ? Laugh
Amaterasu, my damage maybe is weak but you can always have my body! Cheers! o7
Amaterasu ☺ o7 Best MU in the eWorld
Are new ones have to be from holy blood - Uchiha ? Laugh
Good luck o7
join me in aminaçakşunun pls ty