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When i saw the "Latest News" on homepage, i was like :hurray, finally, ORG's , or....he will punish the heli BUG abusers., there is a new stupid thing, "Damage Booster".

Even if it sucks hard, especially being in Store, that's not the reason i wrote this article.
Let's take a look at what Admin wrote:

Damage Booster:
A new special item that can be obtained through store or weekly event. As the name already says it boosts the damage output in battle. It is activated in battle and lasts for a certain amount of time(rising 10 minutes with each quality) and boosts your damage no matter what weapon you are attacking with.

Dear Admin,
Let's say that my basic damage is 1000..and i will "multiply" with x0.3.

Please , for god sake, make Damage Boosters x1.1 - x1.5.
It might be only Visual Bug, math could apply right but..still, it's stupid.



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It was a visual bug, it is fixed.
Charon, would be nice to have images updated too, from latest news article.
Exactly was I was thinking.. how could a number like 0.3 could multiply your damage while its not integer... well I think he forgot to mention the words adds damage like in 1000 + (1000 x 0.3) = 1000 + 300. So IT ADDS. Q1 = +0,3 (for 10 mins), Q2 = +0.3 (for 20 mins) ... and so on. That is the only explanation I came up with. IT ADDS DAMAGE. It does not multiply the dmg with 0.3 it add 0.3 of the dmg already done. I think! I hope! Anyone tried it?
Aha I see... its just been fixed.. so it is x1.1 Smile)) Error: You have to wait 3 minutes to post another message. Ohhh really???
xd Laugh
BH x1.1 it means +110%, and x0.3 it means +30%
Akellas.. ia inmulteste tu 1000 cu x0.3, cat iti da? Nu vorbesc de procente, vorbesc de x0.3 si x 1.3
nu-l bagati in seama pe BattleHero ca e curva mea masculina. De cate ori sunt suparat ma duc peste el si il ard in cur.