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I found some extra time today, in this shiny day, and I decide - why not to spare it in by making some article with suggestions for our great game.
Of course, I would like to ask you, all players of our community, to give a vote if you like ideas, shout even maybe, I would appreciate subs and critics / addings of ideas for my article!

1. When we go marketplace to purchase any type of raw materials, send us directly to the type of raw, there is no need we confirm we want to look for Q1 type since it is just one quality type.

2. Allow us to donate raw materials also, as every other type of goods, we are allowed send helicopters but we can t send bag with grain?

3. Allow us send houses and hospitals via donations also, I know it is weird to send entire hospital, but it is game, otherwise it is just needs of travels which are warming the profits of us as players.

4. Put a limit on hospital and defence system companies, IT IS NEEDED because a new player could make the mistake to believe it will be cool to produce some gun platform not realising he is absolutely uncapable to work with it! I believe requirment of level 25 will do the job well !

5. Add some rewards for second and third ranked damage dealers, so players have more desire to fight for top three positions, maybe some currencies, for example 100cc for second place and 50cc for third, according the country for which you fight.

6. Add additional shout channel for nations, for entire populations, in order to make the important shouts easier to be made, this will be amazing +++ for countries with more than one political party and military unit.

7. Add some mission for expanding at least with 1000 limit more the storage house. For example produce 800 bread Q1and get reward of 1000 storage + 5 expirience or like this. New players, who don t know tricks and etc, are having problem with such small storages, I found this out since I am President in last 12 days. New and not expirienced in other know sites have problem with this and for new player is beyond doubt they can t spare 35 gold or 1750cc. This will be huge improvement I believe.

8. Add mission for collecting specific amount of votes on article, for example 50 votes for an article to complete mission, or amount of comments - we need more activity in journalism so we have more things to do in game and people learn express themselfes by journalism too. It will be nice if reward is attractive so people find the sense to create some quality articles.

9. Since many players lost sense to gain subscribers after they was bringed to zero (for example I do I had 778 subs them back to 0, I have no sense go fight for 800 again), add some marking for example as the scammer one or the ambassador medal for reaching 200 - 400 - 600 - 800 - 1000 and so on subs with some reward. This will return for many many active players the sense first to work well and produce quality articles to earn subs, second will additionally award people who have proven themselfes as quality journalists. We need more active journalism which to attract players attention into game more.
For example:
200 subs - 2 gold reward - title Attractive Journalist
400 subs - 5 gold reward - title Professional Journalist
600 subs - 7 gold reward - title Amazing Journalist
800 subs - 10 gold reward - title TOP Class Journalist
1000 subs - 15 gold reward - title Hall of Fame Journalist

10. Add a poll system into articles, it will make things easier for referendums, voting in total and etc.

11. Add event for Ministers of Education that new player has registered in their country, so they can contact him faster and so on. After all this is one of their priority jobs.

12. As we can declare wars and sign peace, we should also be capable as we can sign Mutual Protection Pacts, then also to vote for their ending. I found this politically fair, even if maybe to be set 20 gold cost for activating such vote (since MPP cost 10g).

13. Add allowance to expand companies. What I mean is - for the sum of 50 gold or so, to be able add additional worker spot in your company. Since we have limit for the number of companies, I believe we must have this opportunity also.

14. Add a limit for the damage booster purchases, as for bazookas and energy drinks, for the same reason - otherwise players with capabilities to use VISA will play constantly on boost.

15. Add flying contract - people who want can purchase such for example 10 gold for 15 days, 18 gold for 30 days and 30 gold for 60 days, and they will be able to travel for free. This will open amazing options for contacts, international business, mercenary teams and etc.

I hope my ideas are interesting, and they deserve vote, sub and shouts!


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Пърфи о7
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very good article, but we also need orgs and yes, admins wouldn t add these suggestions cause they never add suggestions from players
Wow very good...To be honest when I saw Suggestions for our game I expected some stupid requests as always... But every single one of this requests is good!Just love it ☺ Keep up with the good work o7
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cool ideas
its all good somethings cant be don but number 14 is a MUST also i like 15 thats gonna make a big diference but i think introduction of a ticket companies will be a better decision the idea for the additional worker slot is really good too but 50 gold for only player LOL dont give them such ideas
no gov account no updates, just fixes
voted o7
very good
good job
very smart,let s hope admins will take some suggestions seriously!
Very great ideas o/
4. someone asked me if i want to buy a q1 hospital or his hospital company today... he was level 26... 9. so you want even more gold for subs? seriously? and since when is there a relation between the number of subs and the quality of the articles? Laugh 13. this will make it impossible for small players to hire even one worker because big players can pay much higher salarys and can still make higher profits with their workers than small players get with manager work... 14. at the moment it cant be bought for gold/RL money and i hope it will stay that way... all other things i dont care or agreed...
Very good ideas. Admins should read this and also the comments. o7
Ideas.. Would be good if a MU would have a storage where members can donate the surplus of food or weapons or just donate to create an aid fund for small players.Storage that can be handle by commanders and captains. Would be also great if we can work from any country without to have to move.
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nice ideas!
Nice Smile
Really good ideas but no boobs