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Published in Denmark - Warfare analysis - 16 Apr 2016 01:09 - 3

I want to thank not only all of you for your display of strength and determination in this battle, but also our Portuguese friends. For anyone who may have had any doubts about our international policies and the importance of France and Portugal as our allies, well, I think that the result of this battle and the one in Sjaeland speak for themselves.

Now it is time for us to fight for France and help them in their battles against Serbia and Japan!!

Hail Denmark!

Hail Portugal!

Hail France!

PS: I would like to thank Sareus, the Ukranian CP, for letting us have our regions back. He has proved that he cares more for the game and its players than he cares for his own personal interests.


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hail laucha (?)
Yeah, why not? Hail laucha!