【Gov of Denmark】Battle Orders Day 96

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Dear fellow countrymen,

As an iniciative to coordinate our damage and organise our country, we will try to regularly inform you about out battle priorities. If you  want to go to the battle, just click on the image:

Syddanmark- LEVEL 5


Since there are not any other important battles, fight for Denmark! It s time for us to earn some true patriot medals and take back some of our  territory!

Sincerely yours,

Ragnar Lodbrok, Konungr of the Danes.

PS: This is the best thing I can do to coordinate our damage, since (as you may read here) the former CP Barkley refuses to give us the control of the national 
militia (a MU that was paid with the country s treasure). I hope it will
be enough for now.


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