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Published in France - Social interactions and entertainment - 15 Apr 2016 05:33 - 36

Hi eRevollution World, 

A French baby impressed by what happened yesterday decided to pay tribute to this moment !
Far from the vulgarity of the Japanese video appeared a few days ago, here, we have a video may be less well done, but in any case very friendly and funny.

Thanks to Warkor for this video !
Sub will be sent to him in Gold to help him to upgrade his training Ground ;).

Have fun :

URL of the video :



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Comments (36)

Nice job Smile
lol Warkor ! GG
Nice Laugh
Excellent xD
G J hai friendship
gg ! voted
Too funny Smile))) Nice job o/
Ζεus bless you ^^
hahah as I already told great video, nice troll, verry nice Im thrilled forward him my regards and money from support, thank you
moi Obélix ??? OMG Laugh haha, gg la video Smile
Nice Laugh
Ahah thanks you all for you feed back :p Le plus gros tapeur mérite d être obelix Ahah
Nice, funny video Cheeky
Hahahaha bravo Laugh
I love it Laugh But not as vulgar as suggestive as mine ehe
Excellent ! C est tout à fait ça, les irréductibles gaulois ! Laugh
hahaha Smile)))
fyi: Ireland is not part of TRS
Liked the video Smile
Stop dance and fix lag Laugh haahhaha
omg x)
hahahah Smile Laugh that really funny Cheeky you guys got a nice sense of humor Cheeky
o7 je vais reprendre de la potion magique... Cheeky
Excellent vidéo Laugh (j ai pas vu la vidéo des japs) y a moyen de me la passer, genre en MP si ça dérange de la poster ici.