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Published in United Kingdom - Political debates and analysis - 15 Jan 2016 04:47 - 5

o7 People of the United Kingdom

Thank you for voting me to be your Country President in that VERY CLOSE election. There were moments where I didn't think i would make it but we came through.

In regards to my first day, you can see I have been busy. We will have congress tomorrow, to help make decisions and legislate with me. Today I acted with the necessities.

MPPS, as we need to become a world player and consolidate our dominance!

The Donate law. At first it looks like I am giving 110 gold to myself, but it can only be donated to the president due to game mechanics. Our new MoD, Slagaway will be providing a commune scheme, in which we work for him in factories he will buy with this gold, and we will be given weapons to wage war to the United Kingdoms enemies! We hope to get a similar scheme set up with food factories in the near future, as this is also of much importance. This will be to arm and supply members of the national Military Unit:

o7 For now. Let's have a great time rUK ;)



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Greetings from Venezuela!
that font is terrible