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Marlock trying to troll everyone, but nobody ain t trolling him.

Thus, i ve been spying Marlock and surprised his face after he saw Turkey and Georgia are still friends.

Marlock(the girl) trying to break Georgian-Turkish friendship

Marlock training for war

Turkey s reaction on Marlock articles:

Giga high five with Marlock and hatters


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Laugh Laugh Laugh first Laugh
Finally, thank you!!!! xD
Long live the Marlock !
Aint nobody dares trolling my boy Marlock... An inhumanic savage stays after him... named Orkan...
hahaha vote
v+ Laugh
Marlock is famous now... o//
Nailed it xD
Important EDIT, basic Croatian words for all Turks to learn:
Not marlock. He is Marduck.
he is serbian mwivela guys. serbian slave
hahaha Laugh
huge support! im always happy when guys with down syndrom wite articles and trying to integrate into society. Good work, sport!
ahaha you are great
o7 Dobar