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 Greetings people of eRevollution,

as you saw yesterday our ally Ukraine made a decision to leave TRS because they want to re-balance this game; we arent judging them(like someone judge Croatia)  and we understand why have they left TRS. In the name of TRS I wish you good luck Ukraine with your new alliance Thus and I hope we can stay friends.


                                      And one notice for are best friends from France, TURKEY, Geogira etc. 
This will not hinder us from our intentions;be ready for us because we are comming. This will not destory us like it destroyed EAGLE. We were expecting this so we are ready for next big war and dont forget we are never alone!!!

One more thing, I want to say thanke you my friends and allys for great response in war against Turkey


But , when I saw this every other shot was unnecessary , my heart began to beat very fast . I know that you love us Turks and Romanians thank you very much for your help. We cant win this without your help :)

HAIL TRS!!!!!! HAIL Sunkey the Monkey:


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Hail Sunkey!
Based on true events
vote 4 Borna xD
Hail TRS o7
They did big help dude, without that help instead of winning by 1.5 m difference, you would lose by same difference LaughD
just writing again croatia left to a stronger alleance they just betrayed eagle to save their ass dont tell us lyes here Wink and ukrine left the strongest alleance to balance the game respect o/
why should anyone judge Ukr for leaving the stronger Alliance?? Croatia left E.A.G.L.E and fucked up the balance. so u should be quiet and be the little dog of Serbia. than without them u would loose every battle right now
Hehe notry99 where is your big greece now Wink A herceg come to irc I will explaine why did we left EAGLE
its not hard to win against one country on his own u don´t have enough balls to fight against any country 1 vs 1 go and k*** serbias a** otherwise croatia will be deleted from this world
and croatia when TRS kicks u out u have no friends left in this world U should remember that bevor u pretend to have balls XD
Your a good example when Croatia needed you you left to Greece. PROUD CROATIAN
Dude i had respect for you, even you had left, but after you have become someone s toy, and planted hatred seed on the game, i lost my hope for you, at least ukr doing what they want to do, but you, and bg are doing what your big brother orders, so keep living under the big brother s protection right now, you have lost your trust to this world, maybe thay seem like they are trusting you, but dont forget when they done wtih you, they will throw you to the basket, unfortunately...
i left croatia when they left e.a.g.l.e and not when we have fights against hungary i was there but u got scared of serbia and become theyr little doggy
Turkey and Greece should be deleted!!!! Oh wait... Smile
Deleting or keeping a country deleted means nothing, anyway it cant be last forever because nobody has that power, but the matter is keeping honour alive, and having trusted in high, these are the cases you should seek for, just dont forget that this is a game, and game is played for having fun ,not for get satisfied ownself for unreasonable hatred. o/
Mess with the best;die like a rest!!! IRC nick:BornaX I know why u betray eagle now, you wanted to mess with the best, us Smile
Yeah wright ws 10 haahha and aer0knight it was a joke bro
Aero, i think that over years (including game where most of us come from, Borna included), Croatia has proved to be great ally, and on many occasions and even years was without core regions but stayed fateful to allies. So your argument here is simple BS . What hurts you all the most, is fact that this time Croatia and Serbia are not enemies and all that power is focused elsewhere . You would prefer if we slaughter each other so Turkey can rule entire middle east where countries have 10-15 players each.. big success..
Croatia and Serbia power !