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Hello everyone!

First of all, thanks for electing me PP of SP last month. I write this article to consult the population about 2 issues.Recently I received a message from a citizen about real wars, so I decided to ask everyone about it here. Lithuania didn t involve in real wars since february against Sweden. Honestly I believe this is a great achievement of Lithuanian diplomacy for the protection of our country but I wonder if the citizens are really enjoying it.
Referendum: Do you feel like we need a war to have more fun? My priority is to maintain a active community and if you guys want a war, we can go for it.

Please answer in the comments: 1. Yes/No. 

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f6/Grand_Duchy_of_Lithuania_banner.svg/125px-Grand_Duchy_of_Lithuania_banner.svg.pngThe second issue is about weapons (in general) factories.
We have a big dependence of foreign import of weapons (specially helicopters). Due to the recent update of the True Ally Medal, giving us much more gold, I have a idea to make a Helicopter or Tank company between 5-6 Lithuanians. How would work? If you have much gold to invest, please contact me to we organise our funds to make a company of tanks or helicopters depending of the amount of gold. It will be divided for all Lithuania? No, it won t be a state company, it will be built with private funds of these 5-6 people, so the production will be divided between them only. Full workers +100% bonus gives 440 daily production, divided between 6 people, for example, would be 73 daily helicopters/tanks for each of us.
If you support the idea and want to be part of this commune, please message me!

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f6/Grand_Duchy_of_Lithuania_banner.svg/125px-Grand_Duchy_of_Lithuania_banner.svg.pngNow just some information about our country in the world.
As you may know, EAGLE alliance was dissolved and TRS alliance is overpowered, with more than 60% of world damage. Ukraine (a close ally of us) recently left TRS. Our position in the global scenario is neutral regarding alliances (for now), we support our friends and most of them are fighting against TRS

Thanks for reading and dont forget to comment your vote!

Grand Duke Walen



Comments (12)

just say it clear that you want a war against TRS
i vote yes, but not in current times trs is dealing slightly more than 60% its more like 66% and probably would be more, just some of trs countries werent involved in direct battles, so i d say we should still wait few weeks still to get involved in direct battles and rather assist/help allies to slow down their wipeout, tw with latvia was useful, but takes our resourses from assisting allies+ they became stronger than us we can hardly hold a region and rescent battle showed that we can t anymoreSmile your 2nd idea is great, sadly i dont have enouth to assist with that, but overall idea sounds really great we could invade some weak neutral country , but there s no point in that and won t give us any fun(won t be to hard to invade scandinavian countries except for sweden , even without jimmy) except for few res bonuses, but we don t even have guys with companies, to get any use of that
anyway we were always more or less neutral country, but even if we risk inevitable wipeout i d vote yes to engaging trs and vote no to engage neutral countries at these hard times
Goeringz in some way the less ppl fight against you the more bored you will be with 70% of worlds dmg on your side, do i want wipe out of my country? no.Do i want to engage in the fights against trs even with inevitable loss for our side? yes ps i don t speak on my countries behalf i speak just my own mind
Better stay on neutral position. My voice - no