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Published in Belgium - Financial analysis - 13 Apr 2016 01:50 - 0

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Dear Belgians,

New economy laws are approved, and implemented, taxes are low in order to boost production and our market. Our capital region is Brussels, and production is boosted 20%. Put job offers of 10 BEF, and when the spot is taken, the state will pay you 10 BEF for worker salary! Send SS of workers! Since, we are small community, state sponsored production is implemented on day 94. That means, you can ask for food materials in order to produce food! You can receive 100 food materials daily, and you can produce 200, you need 200 fm for 200 q0 food. All you need to do, is to send message with Screen Shot to me:


You need to work as manager in your company in order to receive fm! Also, you need to screen shot DAY and DATE! You can blur your employee and salary. Sell your products on Belgian market, in order to boost our economy! Once again, in order to receive 100 fm, you need to send message DAILY with this screen shot.

President of Belgium,


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