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Published in Georgia - Warfare analysis - 12 Apr 2016 13:20 - 54

   Hello guys, We have made a nap with Iran about 1,5 monthes ago, which you can see here

last time's Iran systematicaly was making some damage's not much but still against us and we reminded them that we still had a nap
for example

this is not much damage but still main reason are in it . . . 



after this speak after 1-2 hours Harmak played a big role in our lose aginst Russia in resistance at last minutes, after that came redazari's message

this is our talk in skaype, when we made a nap agreemant here is a date. which also can prove AMIR, he is really good guy


so guy's i hope everyone already know's who is in Iranian government, and know at it was agreed we demand from that those 100 golds. After that let's see what will be


Comments (54) Nap expired and you tried to extend it. and we didn t accept.Be like men not cowards Good luck.
Turkey will help you with 9 mil dmg!!!
KBaz LaughLaughLaugh tell we AMIR , when made our nap ?!!!
georgian tears
I see article and it is enough.
Hail Iran!
he sayed other reason Ne s result was 1-12 you are liar and you know it !
And they are keep saying 1 person is nor whole iran Smile)
poor georgia Still looking for an excuse
Today was hard they for you and I know it. lost 3wars. you just looking for excuse to f*cking ppl. And this wasn t good idea. You Georgia just proved are kids! Go cry for your wars which lost but don t say bullshits. Nap expired according to article, and I m wonder you scared so much just for 1player of Iran Laugh.
iran full of traitors, we will never trust you again!
LaughLaugh We will see who will cry, and we see who are you
kian you know, fuck money personally i do not care. but when I saw even in my skayp this nap agreement s and or discussion i got sure about .READIS word s it seems that the game do not say a precious date. It rounding s in with months. that s why there is written 2 month. and the skaip where we were Reviewing it the most reliable source. you can even look it in your skaip. I repeat I do not care you money, even I know what we both personally did to keep it until today, but still you should accept that if you did not know at least made a mistake when thought that games date s was precious.
If there be just some loyal countries one of them is Iran! and if they be one coward in this game it is Georgia. You proved it. Nice job Georgia go and crying it is better than this Laugh
Giga, you should know it all players see that article. I don t know who was in skype and when. We even don t need to fight against you because you are losing them. But this text changed my minds. Nap is expired according to article(and your trying for extend it today) Now you forced me to be angry. And tell this again my minds about Georgian people fully changed now. You just try to make Iran a bad country.try like cowards
Ohh omg stop fcking lying, always lying to mee....
KBaz, Well i don t know what happeden out there, but thats really irrational when you judge whole nation according on one article, so better chill out man.
KBaz why does not say AMIR? AMIR where are you? AMIR we need you ! oh i know, he knows that you are lying, NO ? then come AMIR and say - WHEN MADE OUR NAP?
that s just funny. mostly funny is that you call us coward s :d i will not comment this but if someone know georgian history they will mostly call us crazy. but not a cowered but you are angry I understand you Wink. so it is in a game. we are not cowerd s we declared a war against hole allince and from that every single member excapt you and Ukraine was havely shooting against us. cowards did not do that. And you did not take facts and try to protect your side. That s is not right when georgia make s wrong i say it and we can show to everyone when we signed a peace in my skype and there is even a day is written not just about 2 months ago. but 26 february so nothing can be more precious than it. I just want from you to admit it i do not care you gold s and if still you do not believe me look at in you skaip both of us where participating in that meetings
Kian you broke a nap nut still i do not call you cowads or smth else. so show some respect and Look into the eyes of truth. what can be more precious than it? ?
I do not like to be the judge, but I will write an opinion. The game does have a lot of false nuances - errors that show false date and time. Therefore, it is possible that this error appears in the date of issue of the article. - I m sure that between these comments is not more than 1-2 days. On the screen shows that Skype does not lie. So if this is really true, someone should apologize ...
@Aveun I judge on your compatriot spamming in shoutbox. They just try to change others mind on iran, That is enough. so I too sorry cause this is just a game and you lost battle for 200mil difference and show 4.5mil damages of iran in your article. I know what is your target, It is very funny which you did these jobs in a game,I don t know this supply by all people of georgia or not but it is shameful....
KBaz you can only report , this is function of your, thanks LaughLaugh
KBaz, damage is irrelevant its about NAP not damage, but okay, keep playing your drama.
Sure Sareus. That s what I am waiting from them. not calling us coward s @KBaz even was attending this negotiation s I am coping his word s and can search it and see what is right but he simly do not want.
There may be mistake during the war when you are fighting in a wrong side. But two times iranian p-lier fighted against georgia at the end of the round
@Sareus if it is true (which is definitely not !) iran hit 3 mil damage but Ukraine invade North Caucasus ! (dont say its russia because we all know who liberate that region !! ) you are the last qualified one to blame Iran. i remember all Georgians shout in chatbox : what are you doing Ukraine ?! The funny thing is i didnt see an article from Georgians !!!! I always thought Georgians are honorable Players but this Crying mod Article is more than disappointing for me .
@no0bsailbot Crying??? this is not crying, this is start of your ****
@Ready to Die What are you doing Ukraine ? I think 2 regions per night is not satisfied you ! why are you gerogian players have such harry to lose remaining Regions?!!
Noobsailbot. what else we can show to make you sure? ? everyone can see a right if want and if you where looking games dates which is not precious. You should apoligize not blaming us on anything. or calling cowards. because it s just funny for me if we had just 1 percent of cowerdness i will get angry but now just laughing Laugh Delete
We ve found a new Regions
Yes I know ! Turkish occupied territories Smile But seriously , What are you doing Ukraine ?! Laugh
Really you post screen shot where Iran hit 350k dmg ??? Pls find something else, government can t control every single player and you know it
@Aquila oh ((( 2X2=4
aquila we mean that
I was same with UKR also, we did nap with them but they used the blanks of aggreement by sayin it is written direct bla bla
I think that is better to help France instead to fight for your country
When you are a cryer...Please Georgia stop it. Pfff.
when you are traitors, liar, slaves, this is shame
Hi all.. sorry for my late for answer.. last night I didn t have net... First I want say I respect Georgia not only Georgia but also all Countries in the world.. about this Issue yes we had signed nap but in article not defined right date of Nap and this is a mistake when article was written ... nobody knew about skype time even me that was in skype when we sign nap... Time of article was ran out, Georgian MoD ask for renew nap and NE law that Georgia has been proposed they are some reason that our people think Nap had finished..(I don t care about NE because every body can send it.. it is out of control but when I saw I decsided tell it ) so captain of Iran National Guard set DO on Hun battle and Persian guys fought in it..also after that Harmak fought in RW... In both war that Iran fight against Georgia there was big over kill... It is true Harmak made 5kk but if he didn t do it still Russia had 22kk and Georgia had 5kk.. no thing was changed.. Georgian Gov could PM me and speak friendly about it But I wonder about Georgian action.. BlackFury PM me but he threat us for are good friend for me ,we know eachother and I respect you but If I were you I didn t do emotional like this bro... every thing is clear... You know Iran and Hungary are close friends and you won your battles against them with few difference in T2.. also you know Iran power in T2.. we had respected our Nap and Georgia and didnt fought for our friend because of nap and If we fought maybe result of wars wasn t like this... Anyway Persian people never scare form threaten.. If you want a attack us you are free.. It will be fun.. we didn t have real war for 2 month ...nothing more to say ...Thank you and Good Luck
ამათი დRოც მოვა ასე რომ არ აფეთქდეთ TყუიLად და ნეRვეBს ნუ იSHLით... მოVRCHეთ ჯერ ამ ომს და MERE აMაT მივჯირყვნით :დდდ
amir sure. but look at Kians comments and then say who wrote emotional. We do not say what will be if not or so on. We just say that you broke a nap. you can see in skaip where it was signed and you will understand it. So at least we I am waiting to a public apologize from your MOFA. Even for his word s about nap. If someone asked for renew a nap it doesn t mean that this was over.
@Ready to Die when you are multi maker and cheater this is same.Do you actually think I don t know how you won some battles against Hungary?(Donating multigolds and buy EB) Seems you need one article about your jobs. yeah?
iran is very bad partner Smile
Yeah Giga! I agree that both side didn t have good action and had some mistakes... All of should learn how to control ourself and be calm! So I suggest we finish this Issue here and won t continue... I expain what happened in Iran and how we fought against Georgia.. Anyway I don t like others think it is not possible to trust Iran so Iran and I respect our nap yet if Georgia respect it too
IT Was already broken Amir and still I had not seen any apologizes for that. About our nap speak about it to officials please.
Giga we also didn t see any apologizes for that NE which you sent to Iran! If that 4.5mil damages(In battle which you lost with 200mil differences) is important for you that NE which you sent to us is important for us too. So respect is respected. Players see article in game about nap it wrote 2 months passed. Maybe it was mistake of publisher of that article which didn t write expired date! I don t know but I know this you tried to changes all players opinion about Iran in shoutbox!. That made me sad! our current mofa didn t sign it and wasn t in skype(as I don t access to it too because my skype didn t show that historical messages! I m not sure about that time which you talked about... exact time! I just see article date)
KBaz, you are the wrong side, the reason is just that your mofa is idiot ))
Kian i explained you everything in private chat and you said it was okey. every country should have such like congresman that s your words. even that was not formal declaration of war and even everyone voted against it. and you make 5 milion damage against us 2 times. this previous act is just reason. If you are now trying to explain it so it s wrong, your mofa said everything what should be said so i will remember it.