Economy? What is that?

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Economy going up or down?

Not for a country in particular, but the whole game. Many players are producing different products and they also earn on Battle Legends and you can as well sell them, but what is the point of selling them via shouting messages?
For player point of view is perfect, no taxes to the government, but isn t this tax avoidance? There is no IRS,no police in the game and that can never be but how to decrease it?  How can a country progress when it is killed by its own people with help from game mechanics? How can it be stopped? Of course it cannot be stopped and it shouldn t, but at least to decrease it.

For instance: why do I need to see all those shouting messages? Why I cannot see only my friends that are shouting? This way will decrease the advertising of selling products. If not, why do we need a Marketplace? Remove it from the game and everyone will sell it anywhere they want it. Why to struggle to buy a country license if I can just send them as gift to a player in that country and receive money for it?

Not to mention: besides you are working as manager in your own companies, why would  you hire again in one of your companies?As a player is great,company is more productive with minimum costs, but how can you get more employees if everyone will work on their companies on minimum wage? And what will country earn on this set-up?

Maybe many players will hate me, but do some math:

Now, in my country one Q5 heli is like 0.16 gold. 40 helis will be sold for 6.4 gold and country will take 0.06 gold as taxes so you will remain with approx 6.3 gold. All shouts that I see, where Q5 helis are sold, are with 0.1 gold/piece. So this way you sell them with 4 gold.In the end,you lose, country loses.

              Why don t we...


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Dar te implici
Ai dreptate. dar posteaza si in romana daca tot le ai cu engleza...)
prima problema: oamenii vor gold, pe piata nu poti vinde cu gold 2 cum vand/cumpar eu din alta tara fara licenta? sa zicem ca vreau sa cumpar mancare de 1 gold , cat de nebun sa fiu sa platesc o licenta? probabil nici nu mi-o permit , daca e suficienta pe pita interna normal ca as cumpara local dar revenim la prima problema..
Rapatzzo nu le am cu romana. Da florin, vrei gold, dar nu iti poti crea afaceri sa produci ron, nu vinzi produse, nu ai angajati. Daca ar merge astea, ai face ron pe care il poti schimba in gold. Ce am calculat mai sus e la cursul de e acum pe monetary market, deci nu pierzi daca schimbi din ron in gold