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Special thanks to Tangor who translate the story.

Day 113 :

Paris, France s and Resistance s capital, fell into The Rising Sun s hands, after Istanbul and Athene. Battle was leaded by Ukrainia, Serbia, Japan and Spain all together. Although French troops won some battles, they suffered a crushing defeat. Serbian, Croatian and Bulgarian people pees on proud French fighters dead bodies. The last wall against TRS does not stand anymore. France is under foreign control and hardly endures it. France does not have any decisional power, its market is closed, its population falls into an extrem poverty. The most powerful warriors join Georgia, last stronghold not conquered by TRS but already in a wrong position. To younger players, this wype means the game is over. The French active population drops from 1.000 to 200. It will be the France s biggest defeat. It is the long-awaited Serbian scalp.

Day 120 :

Tbilissi, Georgia s capital, is taken by Serbia, which controls the whole Europe. Georgia is shaved. TRS governs the whole world with a heavy hand. Japan, thinking head of the alliance, enforces to the few last neutral countries a special peace treaty, granting them only one region, in order to give TRS members each bonus. As former superpowers does no longer exist, nobody can contest what shoud be known as Global Peace Treaty. Total peace is declared and small countries pay a high price for it.

Day 147 :

Announcing a new weekly event, administrators give by the way the visitation statistics of the game. It fell for a quarter, although no explanation is given. A noisy majority singles the TRS overwhelming domination. Some articles urge Japan to balance the game as promised, but are flooded by a Serbian team leaded by Govedo, pretending to be devoted to the common good. Few days later, because of an update, Administrators published an English article, asking players to find a solution to promote the game. Every project will fail.

Day 165 :

Spain is invaded by a Japan and Bulgarian team. Japan s MoFA then explained that it s a territory renting agreement, allowing to the 3 countries to farm TPM, so rare since the world peace. Although Madrid was the last remaining region, that Japan has to lost, Japan wins because of some Serbian Special Force s players. Spain is shaved. A TRS meeting is organized in a hurry, and according to observing members, won t last more than 45 minutes. Official summary explained that it is a mistake, the act of kind trolls. However, unformal version explained that Spain s wype because of some sharp spanish declarations. Serbian press reacts violently, because they should have been part of the Spanish campaign, to harvest TPM.

Day 174 :

Ather the Spanish meltdown, Ukrainia offers Serbia a training war, quickly accepted. The first week was profitable for both sides. Little by little, Serbia has more and more difficulties to lose its battles. Finally, Serbia won battles that it has to lose. Ukrainian CP, tactful, required explanations to Serbia. Serbian CP just answers that you just had to be more powerful. During the resistance war, closing the training one, Ukrainia hits 1 billion damages, whereas Serbia fought for 300 millions. After that, Ukrainian CP decided to cut diplomatic relations with Serbia, but to stay in TRS.

Day 180 :

Serbian first minister reveals a shocking article : a TRS meeting would have been organized without Serbia, because of an express Ukrainian demand. Screenshots are produced as evidences. Japan CP denies and accused defeated countries, trying to disturb the almighty alliance. Nevertheless, Serbian soldiers warn TRS in the All feed, that Serbian can crush anyone who offenses it. Last visitation statistics show a constant decrease of new players in ions.

Day 183 :

Japan, Ukrainia, Bulgaria, Hungary and FYROM declare war to Serbia, which officially leaves TRS, calling others members to follow. Only Crotia will, before changing its mind again when it begins to falter. Japan lost half its military power because lots of Serbian who joined it leave. In a day, Serbian CP grants 136 CS.

Day 187 :

Serbian achieves a breakthrough in Asia and focuses Japan. Serbian give up their european battles : their only goal is to seek revenge for Japan which manipulates other TRS countries to make it fall. Jimmy86 asks Swedish CS but does not obtain it. Swedish CP explained later that he never forgave Jimmy86 to force Sweden to betray historical allies then flee to foes. Conquered countries noticeably awake and take care about what would later be called 4th world war.

Day 194 :

First time in eRev history that there no new player. Noboby registers on the game. The administrator on the all feed asks TRS to shoulder its responsabilities. Although present players demands him to explain, this message would stay mysterious.

Day 206 :

Serbia does not have european territories anymore. Ukrainia, new leader of TRS alliance, offers a NAP consisting in letting Serbia with only one region, Belgrade. Serbian CP asks 3 days to meditate.

Day 208 :

Serbian armada shaved valiant Japan. Japan CP would declare that Serbian have no honor. Serbian CP reacts telling that honor does not make damages. Whereas Japan intends to offer a treaty to Serbian people, Serbia emphatically refuses : it does not negociate with defeated countries. Japan requires TRS help, which denies it. Ukrainian leaders explain that they do not have to interfere in such dispute.

Day 209 :

Serbia says they would accept a NAP with TRS if they can keep the japanese territories. Ukrainia, after negociation with other TRS members, agrees. During this meeting, Serbia leaves TRS, Japan is excluded and Croatia expulsed. Diplomatic relationships between Croatia and other countries will worsen gradually until they totally disappear. By the way, many resistance wars hatch in Europe and european countries begin to recover.

Day 212 :

Ukrainia leave TRS, which is dissolved few hours later. During an announcement, Ukrainian CP calls ex-TRS not to fight in european resistance wars, in order to get the game interesting, balanced and to introduce diplomacy in future wars.

Day 235 :

Almost all farmer big countries conquered their older core region. Ukrainia congratulates itself. Serbia is threatening everyone again, Japan exhorts Serbia to let them Tokyo at least. In Europe, former great nations does not exist anymore. In the best cases, they have lost 50% of their citizens, whereas those who remains are poors. In Greece, nobody s active. Best players have joined others countries or just disappear. Too long occupation killed the game, killed their young players. The game is definitely dead. At Day 101, we were 20.000 players on it, today we re near 10.000, half in Serbia, Bulgaria and Ukrainia. TRS domination does not just annihilated former EAGLE members, it has killed the game.

Day 248 :

Administrators, seeing the slow decreasing of the game, even after the main countries fre , announce that updates will be rarer. Weekly events progressively disappear. Wellinformed gamers would say later that the game died that day.


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