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Published in France - Financial analysis - 10 Apr 2016 23:21 - 0

Hi everyone !

I m glad to introduce you my new project : Cerberus Securities Investment Services (CSIS).

You ve noticed that current economy is weakened by several updates related to raw and weapons damages production.

Definitely, every internal market is under control of helicopters sellers.

Nobody, among the new players and non-visa players, can afford the necessary investments to stay profitable.

That s why I ve created CSIS.

If you buy securities or lend CSIS your money, you ll receive every month interests, according to the funds results. You can also sell your securities to other players to make profit. If you lend me cc or gold, the capital will be returned after 3-6-9-12 months, you choose.

CSIS is playing on monetary markets, on goods and raw makets, and has also a production ( selling) activity.

Obviously, there is a gdoc to publish every accounting data.

There is currently 1000 securities and 100 bonds to sell. Every costs 1 gold.

The game is young : the late you buy, the less you ll earn interests !

I m waiting for your MPs.




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