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One Button Illusion | Day 91 | Issue 13

Dear readers!

Despite the latest Admins update of the game mechanics, we still lack several important changes necessary to balance the game-play field.

I intend to address those issues in this article, and talk a little bit about the current dis-balance in the geopolitical arena. 

Also, a big shout-out to my Georgian friend who has decided to take-up my advice and invest 50g into a name change operation, to secure his future (we love you GIGA!!!):


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Let s begin with the following two images:

How is this even possible? Where does this guy get his gold from? So far, I have won two BH, and I think that the maximum DMG I did in one battle was a little over 9mil. This guy does 114mil, just in one battle, has over 400mil in total.

Yes, I know that you can ask the Admins to remove your purchase-consumer label. If this is the case, he may not be a cheater.

BUT - nevertheless, this sort of thing completely destroys the game.
It completely wrecks the efforts of many, and destroys both the tactics and strategy. Literally, one player can change the course of the whole war
- despite what hundreds of other players have been trying to achieve.

Admins, you have been asked before, on many occasions, to limit the number of bazooka and energy bars purchases. In addition, you are in position to implement further daily restrictions in order to balance the hit capacity of all players. Yet, you, obviously, do nothing. Why?

Furthermore, your latest update is, from what I can tell, aimed at partially fixing the heli bug. It should help to decrease the number of these sort of offers:

However, I am not entirely convinced that this will work. Admins have failed to react as soon as the issue was reported. In the mean time, the exploiters have accumulated a lot of gold, and are now in the position to:
    Demand the refund with regard the extra q1 and q2 companies, and,
    Invest they wast sums of gold into q3 and higher companies, where no limitations have been introduced.

In other words, not that much will necessarily change.

On the other hand, you are placing the MUs into a very difficult position with regard the MU weapons production. Have you considered this point prior to the implemented changes?

Anything else?


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First, for the 100x time, Admins, introduce the National and MU orgs. Especially with these latest changes, this becomes imperative for the normal functioning of both the State and MU. Have a team of moderators monitor the operation of these orgs day and night, but let it be!!!

And, second, for the 100x time, improve the shout walls:

Having that said, there is another important factor that must be considered by the players themselves.

The Current Dis-balance of Power

Following the breaking-up of EAGLE, the new alliance, the Rising Sun, clearly dominates the world arena.

Powerful nations like Greece and Turkey are falling apart. Even their Georgians friends cannot do anything about it :)

The problem is the following: nations outside of the Rising Sun seem to be unable to organize a meaningful defense.

Why is that?

Not that long ago, Serbia was deleted by Croatia, Bulgaria and Turkey. They were in a state of disarray, they changed around 3 to 4 CPs in 3 to 4 days, total chaos. Yet, less than a month later, they are one of the most powerful countries in the game. Two words: organization and diplomacy. Less than a month later, they dominate both the inter-Alliance structure, as well as the fields of battle.

In case you have missed it, my journalist colleague Agamemnon does a fantastic report with regard the nations damage capacity, here s the LATEST report (in English too, please vote and sub, he deserves it!!).

So, it would seem that the Rising Sun is advancing with countries like Serbia, Ukraine, Japan, Croatia and Hungary in the lead.

The other side - whatever that is, but more importantly, can be - has France, Turkey and Greece to lead the way.

Agamemnon made a nice graph on this too:

Abdulhamid the Second: I want to go back to my homeland, but cannot find Turkey on the map – please help me!
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In other words, as long as things remain the same, the current pattern of the Rising Sun dominance will continue. The fall of Greece and Turkey will be followed by the fall of France and other western European nations, and the Rising Sun rise will continue onward across the Narrow Sea.

So, what to do? Can this be stopped? The answer is: yes, this is possible.

France, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, US, Poland...

Georgia, you are one of the biggest nations in terms of population - why do you not engage more? Ukraine can offer so much protection... but if one TRS member starts heading your way, things might change. Forget the cover of bogus security, and FIGHT!!!

US, instead of organizing your armed forces and putting pressure on TRS members back home, in the Far East and in Europe, you sign into tactical peace treaties and invite the people of deleted countries to come to US? Do you think that this will save you when your potential allies in Europe are completely wiped out? Look at what your tactics of appeasement has brought to you:

Countries of the NON-TRS World

You have a chance, at least a fighting change - but you must form a joint strategy, forget about individual goals, and purse a strategic course of action. Engage into subversion actions (ie, RWs in strategic logistical connection-points to disturb the core TRS members  bonuses), set strategic battle priorities and hit hard in those battles, form elite inter-national units to fight in strategic battles, set overall strategic goals, and... most importantly, fight and help each other. Like so many times before, you too can change the tide, and make the game more fun :)

Thanks for reading this loooong article :)

Finally, do not forget to enter the best journalists competition, prizes are awating! I will be giving gold and medals myself, 

Lord Marlock


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Love Ukraine, everyone!!! Smile
funny Laugh
Odlican clanak,kao i uvek Smile
Svaka cast o7
For 120 euros per month, Ill teach and personaly lead new alliance in defeat of Serbia and The Rising Sun. An offer u cant refuse... xD
hahaha. you are funny, you can just dream that we gaorgians like you croations will brake and join TRS. you are not patriot my friend you are real real marlock babovich of serbian Smile
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Better Lord in Serbia, then slave in USA, @Giga Moravac Laugh Croatians have become Lords of Europe and Asia, with help of theirs Serbian neighbors, instead of keeping position among Georgia, France and Greece, Turkey and USA- which would lead them to take USA cs cause their country would eventually but inevitable - be deleted from Raising Sun Wink
Kao i uvjek, odlicno...
Marlock, ovo je postalo krajnje neozbiljno. Daj napiši neki normalni članak na razumljivom jeziku, može i na ćirilici.
You know it s impossible.... Cheeky
Good Job TRS HQ 07
You stole my words
That Ukrainian guy who did that dmg in the battle is a totally stupid as hell. With that dmg he could take at least 22bh medals for UA plus the tp will be counted.
al ga pises eee Smile
As you can see he had over 4500 kills, so much str, and rank have helis/heli company, why not?
cakiMK, yes, that is possible - and as I have stated in the article, this was just an example, nothing more.
@Marlock he is very good guy Cheeky
q buen articulo. es el primero q endorso en este juego.. asi q valio la pena
Malrock it s BOK possible. Out of TRS countries are not strong at the moment, they dont have any visa players as TRS have. Even Turkish people just found their first heli factories 1 month ago altough some countries found from the beginnig thanks to bug BTW i didnt write something like that USA is my homeland at the moment noob. TRS is strong and noone can stop them this is real true. Game never been such a unbalance so far.
Abdulhamid, true!
Nice article!
Invest they wast sums of gold into q3 and higher companies, where no limitations have been introduced. thats wrong... as far as i know there is a limit for every kind of comp no matter wich quality... so you can have 5 q5 heli comps 5 q4 heli comps and 5 q3 heli comps... wich means 25 heli comps 5 ech quality maximum per player... and to the vist thing... yes he must be stupid or just too rich to have any idea anymore where to spend his gold else than for buying energy drinks about days to waste them in one battle wich UA whould win even without his damage...
There was balans in the era of eagle ? No.
I love Marlock, he s the dad who never loved me back
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in 1913 year enciklopedy You never found a Ukraine. they dont exist.