Erev party radio special guest :) erev dev team interview

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Erev party radio interviews the erev dev team
Yes it is true erev party radio will be interviewing an admin so please sent your question as the special segments of the show will start at 10 am CST on Sunday. It is an honor to have a dev on the show thank you so much for coming on this show admin we appreciate that. Yea remember please sent your question on the comments or PM your questions to me.
As always I hope will enjoy this show we will begin at 10 am CST on Sunday. as always hope your day is awesome and great.
Stay tuned to erev party radio


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Way to go @arith! ask him about the updates! why does the admin team come up with some of the worst ideas for the updates?! Wink and some weekly events too! I mean the most recent one was something of every players taste, but if we look back we are definitely gonna find some events which were nothing but some gold digging machines for the creators! Wink So re-thinking the updates and events would be the best thing they can do for the players. Thank you again @arit P.S. i might have spiced it up a little bit but it s the truth! Laugh
Nice Arith! 07 Below is my questions.. 1. Why admin still not implement new medal (True Allies Medal)? What s the reason? 2. [Suggestion] I think admin should add new game mechanism so people feel challenged to play in game. I have suggestion How about add reset system if 1 country successfully wipe 10 countries? The reset mechanism only resetting strength and military rank (more idea will be good), the country that successfully wiping 10 countries get reward in gold to CT..I think if there s reset system, people and erev team could invite more player to join this game Wink
Thank you for your questions Smile Laugh Hope you guys enjoyed the show o/ Smile