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Résumé du meeting avec TRS de ce soir :

Pour résumer ce meeting qui n'a duré que 10 minutes, TRS demandent que nous laissions tranquille Mexico sans offrir de réelle compensation, juste la prolongation du NAP pendant 1 mois. Donc nous avons cédé l'Espagne en premier lieu pour ce NAP et finalement on doit céder Mexico en plus sans rien en contre partie supplémentaire. Notez qu'à un moment donné ils se sont même tâté de demander (exiger pour être plus précis) que l'on n'aide pas l'Albanie. Le meeting s'est donc terminé très rapidement sur le départ de notre CP du chan des négociations.

Préparez vous la guerre arrive !
Mot de notre Président vis à vis de la situation :

Certains pourraient penser que je n'ai même pas essayé de négocier, mais voilà le truc c'est qu'on me convoque hier pour un meeting avec TRS pour un NAP aujourd'hui.
Et finalement, on me parle de quitter Mexico, je ne vois pas de NAP dans l'histoire...
A savoir qu'à la base on a un NAP avec la Serbie et en contrepartie on quitte l'Espagne.
Là TRS nous demande de quitter le Mexique afin de continuer un NAP qu'on a déjà avec la Serbie et non pas avec TRS... Les choses ne sont pas très claires de leur côté, ils exigent on doit exécuter, ce n'est pas ainsi que je négocie.
TRS a décidé qu'ils étaient les maîtres du jeu, ils ont également décidé de menacer notre hôpital !

Mes amis Français et Françaises, allons nous les laisser nous menacer de la sorte ?
Les laisserons nous détruire notre hôpital aussi facilement ?
Allons nous nous laisser dicter nos choix et nos agissements sans protester ?
Qu'auriez vous aimer faire à ma place ?

N'hésitez pas à dire ce que vous ressentez sur cette situations et ce que vous aimeriez que nous fions !
L'avis de tous m'importe !,width%3D235,height%3D235,appearanceId%3D1,backgroundColor%3Df9f9f9,version%3D1439812226/Coeur-France-coq-Tee-shirts.jpg
To summarize the meeting that lasted only 10 minutes, TRS demand that we leave Mexico without offering real compensation, just an extension of NAP for 1 month. So we gave Spain first for NAP and finally has to give Mexico more with nothing against additional party. Note that at one point they even ask (require to be precise) taht we don't help Albania. The meeting was therefore completed very quickly on the departure of our CP from the channel of negotiations.

Prepare yourself for War !

Word from our President about the situation :

Some might think that I have not even tried to negotiate, but here's the thing is that they shall call me yesterday for a meeting with TRS for NAP today.
And finally, I hear from leaving Mexico, I do not see NAP in discussion ...
Namely that basically we have a NAP with Serbia and in return we left Spain.
There, TRS asked us to leave Mexico to continue a NAP we already have with Serbia, not with TRS ...
Things are not clear on their side, they require us to perform, this is not how I negotiate.
TRS decided they were the masters of the game, they also decided to threaten our hospital !

French friends, we'll let them threaten us so ?
Will we let them destroy our hospital so easily ?
Will we let them allow themselves to dictate our choices and our actions without protest ?
What would you like to do in my place ?

Feel free to say what you feel about this situation and what you would like us to do !
I care the opinion of all !,width%3D235,height%3D235,appearanceId%3D1,backgroundColor%3Df9f9f9,version%3D1439812226/Coeur-France-coq-Tee-shirts.jpg



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First Fail x)
ô7 Drama ! Drama EVERYWHERE ! I like that
Paré au combat ô7
J ai les ogives ! o7
we have same sh*t we ask to leave turkey and rumania for peace and they want base in north caucasus to become our neighbours Smile o7
Govedo will rule you Laugh
time to come to france again i think Sad
ur the weaker side so ur not the one that decides, its always like that even in real life
We hahe our honour not like serbians !
Hey, what did you expect from TRS ? Ready to fight against The Rising Suxx ! ô7
Cara o7
prepare yourself for war? o7
Pour la gloire... La guerre !!!! O7
Govedo eternal king of New France 07
oh guys i offered nap with whole TRS for free Mex sound fair?And about Albania we just joke,ofc you are free to help to your ally Laugh
Allons enfants de la patrie!
TRS, Nothing Is Ethernal, Be Ready For Your Downfall!
Japan sell q4 hospital for 230g prepere your money Laugh
TRS will attack, TRS will win. After all is finished, we need rebalance of the game Smile I want to see Serbia and Japan on opposing sides Laugh Really guys, this is a game, lets make it fun for all of us. TRS need to be disbanded, after all victories achieved, and we all need to seat at the table- France, Serbia, Ukraina, Croatia, Japan, Greece, USA, Poland etc, and like before street football game to agree about members of the team, and then to go to war Smile Lets make teams like a gamers, divide community firmly equally and then lets make wars like a true gamers XD
Marcus like always i love your idea we will do it after Paris o7
I belive i can fllllyyyyyy !!!
I didnt demanded nothing... I just asked u, do u love more hospital in Paris or regions in Mexico? Im simple man, looking for answers... Sad to read this :/
so much metally retarded coments under this article with no idea about gaming, social behavior or at least mathematik... looks like some countrys in europe need german money for their education more than africa or south america... :/ btw @marcus yeah lets destroy everything and after you bullied everyone try to talk with him on one table... what do you think he will say to you? do you realy think someone will ever answer: hey cool bro lets be in one team now we dont have anything left but it whould be nice if you help us in our battles we could rebuild what you destroyed... -.-
Aux armes ! o7
I signed :p o7
What will do Ukraine?
@Shisui Uchiha - Ukraine will sit and wait to be attacked by Serbia and Japan Laugh @Miyamoto Musashi - nice try, but everybody here knows who is the next victim in your line XD
Pour éngocier il faut être entre gens de bonne olonté et intelligents. très bonne décision Cara, il vaut mieux payer le prix de l honneur que vivre dans la honte ô7
j ai bien fait de garder mes hélicos et mes chars Smile
@Chleamentael, French honour was shown in RL many times throughout history.
From the look of it, it seems to me that the French side didn t really want to try and negotiate (leaving after 10 min... that s a bit short tempered). Negotiations were never supposed to be easy in the first place and even more if you aren t the most powerful negotiator. It s normal that the TRS started the meeting by asking the impossible, because they wanted to start with a high price so that they could come down to a better agreement for them at the end. And we should have done the same and then the real negotiations could have begun. But now, I can t judge because I wasn t there and maybe both sides had others objectives than coming to an agreement (mixing up the Serbian s NAP with a TRS NAP is kind of over the top).
JeanOeuf: first logical comment to this article! O7