Quo Vadis, El Presidente?

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Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce myself: My name is OldGunFighter. In real life I am from Slovakia, but live in the UK.
In the short history of eRevolution I have managed to post a few issues under admin articles, and write a few letters (including my previous article) to Hungarian government. And we managed to get a region back. Yaay :D

However, I have to say it turned out to be an unfortunate event. We were unprepared for the presidential elections and did not set up a party and propose a candidate. There was one player who did. The rest of the story is told in the email I have sent to the admins:

I would like to report player Slavoj639 ( http://www.erevollution.com/en/profile/21008 ) for stealing state property.
Since the beginning of the game Slovakia was completely occupied, thus having no congress, or president. As a result of an agreement with Hungarian government we got one region back.

This individual has won the position of Country President and started to exploit it right away. From the Country Treasury he stole 100 gold ( http://www.erevollution.com/en/country/law/60/Slovakia/4190 ) and 22 000 Skk ( http://www.erevollution.com/en/country/law/60/Slovakia/4244 ).
In the party chat he has first stated it is to make MPPs and to issue money, but after being told the gold and money have to  be in the Treasury for these laws he just stopped communicating.

We were hoping he would be a good president with whom we could work to better our country and improve the community, however, his actions prove he is just a thief and we would like him to be fined or banned and the stolen gold and money to be returned to the state.

With best regard,

PS (does not appear in the mail to the admins): For further information I include screenshots of the party chat. (Note: read from bottom up.)



Please Vote and Sub and be careful with your politicians. Always watch the laws they propose and pass!


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why did you vote such a noob as CP?
I didn t. He got only 2 votes (1 presumably his). And it is because, as I said in the article, we were unprepared and did not make a party. Only he made one and nominated himself...
so in fact he made a profit of 60g... sorry but i do that within less than 2 days and without that much stress... as far as i know you get banned if you dont donate the money back (or use it in a way wich is in the name of the country like starting RWs) after you lose the CP title... and of curse every CP can steal much more money than 60g in one term... until now i just have seen 2 times some datas about what the money was used for wich a CP was getting donated from country treasury...
@RAF904, this is an issue who we can blame everybody. So realy, the needed lvl for political activity isnt changed for months, as the game progresses this lvl should be increasead, it did not happen. And also, the day we got a free region i was thinking to pay in some money, but i did decline that action becuase i do negetaive trends in the game. Befoure it, aprox for 2 months i had stock 40 gold, but after varius attempts to gain a free region (we failed 3 attempts what i and my friends organised) i did invest in basic companies..