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1) As I already have contacted administration, my first proposal is about a special government account, not may words to say, just an image. This account will be the official government account of each country, an instrument to help us in administration and control of everything in a state
*Last minute add-on: This account may have the ability to send message to all citizens of the country it s hosted (same CS)

Add a textbox to proposed laws, where the person that propose this law, may enter any type of text or link regarding this law. This text should be available and visible, only at congress members of the country and the CP too.

3) A warning in the battlefield, as soon as you enter the battle, in case you are about to fire against MPP or CS countries.

4) Regarding the news, place local countries news by default, not international.

5) Reward for RW should be raised, at least to the cost of the RW



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4) bad idea - in Croatia, this would many predominately my articles Smile 1) support! argued for a national org from the start 2) very good idea 3) let n00bs pay the price 5) think of smaller countries
5) RW is for prestige or to help your country, not to earn some money Smile 1) +1 2) +1 3) +1 4) It s the same for me..
vV :: Very nice ideas..might make a list of my own.
1) what about a option to buy tank/heli comps for the country acc? or another option to transfer those companys from a player acc to the country acc? there allready are some countrys wich have build country companys in trusted player accounts... 2) ok... but active CPs/congress members should know without such text whats going on... 3) nah... whould take too much fun to see someone hitting on wrong side...^^ 4) i dont know what it whould change... maybe some new players whould not read the best news because they just dont klick on the international button... 5) this way you could make profit with argued battles... i dont think that this is a good idea... there whould be too much empty battles in wich nearly no one is hitting... a strong country could also use 2 regions of a very weak country to have a never ending RW/direct battle and earning gold that way... of curse the weak country whould have a region this way... but i bet the players of that country whould be less motivated to play the game... also they whould have to move every day to stay in their country... and those costs not every new player can pay...
2) Nice Idea!
RAF904, about 1) I agree with these addons, and should happen too. 2) A game should not depend on 24/7, this is slavery not game. The text is necessary, you will never have the ability to have all 20 congressmen in a channel for info. 3) it s not fun at all to have to apologize to a community 4) Many important orders, especially state orders may be missed. Local HAS to go first. You log in, you take a look at home page, nothing special, you work train fight, then you see feeds, and decide to take a look at local news. Ops... the war that you heavily tanked, is a TW and your eds are gone for no use. 5) the proposal is mainly to lower the cost not raise the reward. I said equal. Most RW are financed by states. They should get more than 1/3 of money invested.
well done ktab o//
I like it
5) it doesnt matter if you raise the RH medal reward or lower the cost... if you have to pay 5g for the RW and get back 5g if it is won you have made no loss... if you take one of the two BHs (the one on the side of the weak country) you made 5g profit... and that you are doing again and again... also: i dont think that anyone is looking on the stats wich CP won how much RH medals/BHs in argued battles... so a CP could this way take out 10g per day from the country treasury and nobody whould notice that...
Like, hope they will implement something form this, i hope all o7