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Today s Date: 4/8/16
Author(s): Apollos, White House Press Secretary
Topic(s): General Updates on eUSA

Happy Friday to those of you that celebrate it!

Apologies for my absence last Friday. Have been AFK a bit more than usual, as I am in the midst of a career change IRL.

If you missed it, there has been some headway lately in the realm of diplomacy. Our country, to be honest, appeared likely to be erased in the recent war with Japan, Canada, Mexico, and Indonesia. They simply overwhelmed us with their larger lation and stronger players. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and the attackers relented. They have agreed to discontinue further attacks on our soil, and we will be regaining some of our lost territory immediately. For the next month, some of our territories will remain under the conqueror's control, as per the Treaty of Washington negotiated with former President Abraham Lincoln (read the treaty details here.) Thank your, Abe, for your excellent leadership the past two terms, as well as for negotiating peace between all sides. I for one am grateful to still have your as Secretary of State this term.

As you have probably noticed, we have a new President who recently succeeded Abraham Lincoln. Biohaze has a long history with similar games and communities such as these, and is particularly strong in the areas of media and education. He will be an excellent et to us in terms of new player retention, furthering programs to help US citizens, and to make sure we play smarter, not just harder.

Please take advantage of the weekly game. This is a good way to combine the typical actions of fighting under the DO with a weekly event. Even if you hit only 50 times, make sure you check into the game and collect your reward. Particularly as we rebuild, this is a good way to bolster strength, USD, food, and weapons. And it's free if you're following your DO anyway.

We appreciate everyone's continued activity in game. Please contact Biohaze directly, or a Cabinet member if you have any concerns that cannot be addressed in the shout board. We are here to serve you!

Stay cly, eAmerica!



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