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First up Immigration to eUSA and why it is a good idea to start investing
eUSA is a country which has abundant of resources which we are blessed and even is economically sustainable which is why we are happy to share the eWorld our whealth by encouraging foreign investment such as new entrepreneurs, innovative thinkers, and even workers . This program is for everyone in the eWorld to have the opportunity to set up businesses and even to work in eUSA. Our country  wage is about 5 dollars on average which will mean that  it will allow great opportunities for new businesses to start up in eUSA and believe me the profits will be mive. Also you can even get involved in politics easily and we even allow you a platform on radio shows or even in the forums. As director of IES and with the permission of congress i happy to announced that  restriction of entering eUSA has been reduced and you are free to immigrate to eUSA. If
 you want to contribute to the economic and get involved in the community then please go ahead apply to our wonderful nation, live in the american dream that has hard working citizens are noted and not forgotten,
This message has been approved by the IES( Immigration Enforcement Service) 
Immigrant achievement award 
This is a new award created by the IES( Immigration Enforcement service) As director of the IES I believe the immigrants are important to any nation since they contribute to the welfare of society in our, move the wheels of democracy, help our economic, provide innovative solutions to the problem us Americans face ,even provide understanding between different cultures and experiences that could benefit society as a whole. Which is why this award was created in order to honor the most hard working and even appreciate them for their contribution to creation of our great nation. Every Month the IES will announce the winner and award them accordingly
Ok lets go to the awards Now
Our best immigrant awards in the month of march goes to someone who is militarily involved, always to try to interact with the community in eUSA, Always is loyal to our country and which is why he is earned our trust.
His name is 
Jungrim come  to the stage and accept this award :) you deserve it :)
O> We now have the  runners up for the best immigrant award This citizen always wants to prove that he is a good american even before we was accepted to eUSA  I want appreciate his contribution to the battles of this great nation and how always picks the right choices in eLife o/.
His name is 
Rotring come to the stage and collect this award :)
Thank you so much for your contribution with citizens like you guys our nation will always succeed
 Company registration
What is this registration you speak off ?Well This is really important for the eUSA government and has many functions one of them is to accurately calculate  the economic activity of our country, to prevent fraud  and any misunderstandings which arise when conducting day to day business. So please register and who knows there may be some rewards and programs like subsidies in the future :P. 
 This is the link:
Thank you so much As always Please turn in to Erev party radio which starts at 9 pm CST on Saturday 


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restriction of entering eUSA has been reduced Too bad no more of my friend will be coming over to USA anymore. Would have been nice if I could given them actual job before. ^^ They ended up forcing themselves to pool gold and build a factories instead else where. : (
Correction: The US does NOT have an open door policy. You still have to get scanned.
Yes for security purpose but IES did have some restriction before biohaze