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Admin news

Published in Serbia - Social interactions and entertainment - 15 Jan 2016 02:21 - 12

Hello, All!

We’ve got a lot on tap today, and I don’t want to bore you so I’ll make this quick!

There are several new features released earlier today!

Military Unit M Messages: Military Unit leader and captains can now send messages to ALL military unit members!

Facebook: You can now connect your eRev account with your FaceBook account, once this is done you can login using your FaceBook credentials!

There are several features that will be unlocked or added to in the very near future!

World Map: The world map is currently under construction and will be out soon, we know it’s essential for battles, we are doing our best to get it done right!

Alliances: Alliances will be introduced shortly after the Country President elections finish!

We have also received many questions about a lot of things, but almost everyone wants to know about tanks, and helicopters, so I’ll go ahead and answer that for you!

Weapons: Once you have a Q5 Weapons factory, you can make a Q1 Tank factory. Once you have a Q5 tank factory, you can make a Q1 Helicopter factory, and start making helicopters.

Missions: New mission will be added shortly!

We are going to be focusing on optimizing your current experience, with new, innovative features coming soon! Stay tuned for more!

Remember, email us at for support! Or use our mail where we can add you in our group - our skyp -> jena-frik

Hope you enjoyed,
-The eRev Team


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UR awesome! Great job! Thx!
Hi Ken