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Do you want to learn how to play poker? Or maybe you knowhow to play but you just need some fine finish on your skill? Or maybe you are here just to earn money a side?

Then, my friend, you are in a right place!

You can be begginer, intermediate, or experienced playerof poker. By joining you can improve your game, earn money, or learn it from
scratch if you join. If you have already decided what you want to achieve you
can procede to one of the following classes. I m gonna be very specific by
sorting you in classes of what you want to achieve with poker game. So for
example if you want to earn money you can procede to one of the following

Class 1 – I m new and don t know what to do (DONT WORRY!)
Class 2 – I know to play poker, i really do! (Don t be sosure!) – Future article
Class 3 – I need money, now! (No problem, prepareyourself for massive learning!) – Future article

Class 1
This is your chance to learn how to play poker, eitherfor fun or for profit.
The first thing you need to do is to register on thewebsite: Register Here!

You will get up to 50$ free money. And you will haveaccess to poker strategies, educational videos and tutorials.
As you are new to poker, you will focus on basics ofpoker and i suggest you try playing for play money not real money in the
beggining. As you get 50$ you can still play for play money on various poker
There are many mayor poker sites, and ones that i wouldrecommend are: PokerStars, TitanPoker, Fulltilt.  Before you decide where you want to play, youmust follow some steps, i will instruct you later about this, do not go to
pokerstars and register, this is important because you must link your pokerstrategy
account to pokerstars and every other poker client you register to. You do this
as you register to them, so do not rush your registration to them.
These websites are the best and i think you should stick tothem. There are others, i have tried them, but they are still in developement
and are not optimized very well.
Okay, by now i hope you understand the logic behind this.You register to pokerstrategy, than you register to one of the poker clients
you would like to play on. You type the code that pokerstrategy gives you for
specific poker client that you have selected, and than you wait for your money
to be transfered to your poker account by pokerstrategy. So, pokerstrategy is
giving you money, yes!
But before registering to some pokerclient you must beaware of the following things you should take advantage of:
                Whensomeone registers to poker, they are usually eliagable to play some free boost
tournaments for free, and are able to earn money through them. So you should
research when are those played, and try to play them. You have about 90 days to
play them, and i think they are once or more often per month.
                Whenyou register through pokerstrategy you also get the privillage to play
tournaments hosted by pokerstrategy on your client (for exaple Pokerstars).
Before you start registering on poker client you shouldread articles about poker, to learn some basics. You get access to forum,
strategies, and video tutorials when you register. You should know how to play
the game before you actually start playing, so you must invest a few hours in
learning the basics of the game. I will suggest playing and learning about
texas hold em poker. There are various types of game that you can play: Cash
games, Sit n go game, Tournaments. And these Types are also divided in few
types. But you will lear about them yourself as you read through the tutorials
and pass them. Yeah, pokerstrategy has tests for you to pass! You will read
about specific game and than need to pass the test. This is purely for you good
to know how much have you learned. When you go to strategies it will get you to
the site with many articles that you can selectively read and learn. Get used
to the site and educate yourself as much as you can before you start playing
either for real money or play money (not real money!).
In case you decide to put some money in the game, you cantake advantage of that as well. If you deposit money to poker client, for
example if you deposit 50$ you will get another 50$ for free! But, if you want
to withdraw money, you will be able to withdraw only 50$ (while having 100$ on
your account). This is because the 50$ they gave you, you must earn points to
unlock it, which you can do by playing and earn money. You can play with your
bonus money but you can not withdraw it unless you earn them back.

IMPORTANT: When registering to anything here you MUSTgive true information! This is very important in case you want to get your
money back (WITHDRAW), this is checked every time you do this, and if your
name, surename, and other info do not match with your credit card or other
payout services you will probably not be able to withdraw your money and you
will get frustrated, but it s your fault!

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions feelfree to comment or contact me personally.
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Sound like scam and cc hacking
It s not a scam, the page is up and running for years now. In fact, that s how i started with on-line poker. Try it out, it actually doesn t cost you a thing.