[SUGGESTION] Adding unoccupied regions all over the eWorld

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Hey everybody.

I m making this article with hope that it won t be ignored by the administrators.

Recently, I noticed people complaining of how a country should be removed or another ones added.

So here I m coming up with a suggestion.

Since the player count of this game is still not high enough, even for all the countries at the moment, I suggest adding unoccupied regions all over the world. The unused space on the world map is really damn high and it really doesn t look good. 90% of Africa (which is a continent and we all know that) is unused. Just like Mongolia (which is huge) and pretty much all the ex soviet union members (Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan...), Syria and Iraq (which are one of the world powers in real life, or mostly known as warring countries and involved in dozens of conflicts).


Here s an example I ve made with my professional photoshop skills:

(Please be aware that I used Mongolia just as an example of how would the regions look like)

This should make the game more interesting and make more goals to achieve for bigger countries. This is far better idea from having country(ies) like Singapore which hardly can be seen on the map, but still is added as an official country on the game.

EDIT: Since it will be too easy for the strong countries to conquer these regions (and there will be nobody to defend them if they re unoccupied), I suggest that each country that attacks the region should break a wall of random amounts of damage. The damage should start from 70m and go upwards depends on the country power, or just, randomly chosen numbers above 70m. The bigger the region the bigger the damage you have to deal to conquer it. Here s an example:


This will make the country that wants to conquer a region to put efforts and not verything to be free

That would be it.

Thanks for your attention.


Nyx UlricNipius

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[SUGGESTION] Adding unoccupied regions all over the eWorld - http://www.erevollution.com/en/article/4317
Interesting o/
I dont know, first some countrys here have LOW population so in my opinion the best is first all country to get more players them add 2-3 country and wait them to grove up then again add 2-3 more.
You pretty much didn t understand it Krsta. The point of these unoccupied regions are adding regions (which are currently unused and not owned by any country) and not being owned by a country. They can be attacked and conquered by other countries. Until not conquered by any country they will stay unowned
There are already enough regions and bonuses. Adding more bonuses will allow everyone to have full bonuses so there will be less wars...
Totally agree with you!
Suppose, possibility to claim new states is even better. Catalunya, Karabakh, Seborga, Sealand and so on. It must be expensive and require signs of big number of people.
hmm looks cool
and what is that good for? just for painting the map?
Very interesting! V+
What about all unregistered countries and their real peoples unite in one country which named like others maybe?
I agree your idea
I think that a plan like this, will offer the world a plethora of bonuses, which eventually will lead to halt of all conflicts and turn this game to farmville. We already have many countries like this that their population has nothing to do with rl nationality. Would I name it PTO? Rather not, as PTO requires existing population so it could take place. In conclusion, I think it would be an idea, only if there would be people from this non-existing country requesting to take their place to the e-world. In any case, a well written and perfectly explained text. o7
@Sultan it s none of our business if there are players from unregistered country on eRevollution, it s up to admins and the player count if more countries are going to be added. I mean, you just cannot agree that the map is looking good with all that blank space. As ktab mentioned, the point of it is to lead onto conflicts or duels between eWorld powers which currently don t have borders. It d be more avanturistic and challenging to conquer the whole word. I ve thought of the wall thing in the last moment, because without it, the suggestion has no point at all. Country attacks shoots 10m gets the region and the bonuses with it. It d be more difficult and FAIR with passing the damage of the wall. I believe that in near future it won t really be a problem for countries like France and Ukraine to deal bilions in a battle.
Nice proposition, hope the admins will implement something o7
and people which hit to conquer automatic become citizens of new country example mongolia ...
Game needs more players not more countrys
it is better to reduce the regions of the countries, in proportion to their number of active players, players who vote in elections, this makes more involved in the politics of each country.
this is not good suggestion! if im from Mongola and want to play i cant but my country will be on the map...
How can Greece attaque mongolia ? They don t have any border :x Nice sugg btw
@gg29 I just gave Mongolia as an example. I just screenshotted the first battle I ve seen and made an example of it @2nd pic Laugh
disagree, i dont like to fight against computer, it is not a single-player game unless the computer is alphaGO, which can interact with us