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Published in United States of America - First steps in eRevollution - 12 Jan 2016 09:23 - 4

Congrats everyone on being some of the initial members on eRevollution, the next big geopolitical strategy game. It is good to see we have so many players that joined on the first and second day, so many that the admins had to shut the servers down just to fix the lag we all created. Not only do we already have this player base, but we already have players and countries forming governments and pacts, like Japan, Great Britain, and the United States. If this is any indicator of what we are likely to see in the future of this game, then I look forward to the next few months and years playing with you all.

I am here to announce the foundation of the ePoll. As the sDoI in vPopulus, one of my duties is to manage the nations resources and help get public opinion on things. Now, as the new DoI for the eGovernment, this is something I wish to start back. Starting tomorrow, at 09:00 Game Time, the first two ePolls will be released. One will be an international version, and the other will be domestically. We look forward to seeing many responses to the ePoll, and the results will be published here every week after the polls release date, with a new poll starting once results have been issued.

Game Updates: Many members are taking steps to form governments before the upcoming elections. America has already followed the lead of countries like Japan, Ireland, UK, and many others and formed both a council and ideal government. Additionally, many countries have also managed to form their first political party and military unit, showing the dedication to come in the future from people. Already,we have Q5 companies operating and selling to players. Game lag has been fixed after a server shutdown by the admins at aprox. 08:30 Game Time. 

That is all for this issue of the Galaxy Gazzete, subscribe for more and vote up. Also please note, we are now selling advertisements. Message HunBurry for more details. 

-HunBurry, eUSA Secretary of the DoI, and E&C of the Galaxy Gazzete. 



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We can see about getting them translated and having other countries participate sub for sub Smile
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