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Greetings citizens,

First of all, sorry for my media absence of late. I've been pretty much quite busy in RL and there was also the crises regarding who was to succeed me as President. This article was planned to be released some days ago but as I mentioned, RL cut my time to actually finish it.

Regardless of it, this article serves to inform the public of an agreement between the United States, Japan, Indonesia and Canada.

The Treaty of Washington

I - Preamble

In the interest of sustainable peace between the United States of America, Japan, Indonesia and Canada, all nations gather in order to sign a peace treaty in the terms described below.

II - Terms and Conditions

1. All involved countries agree to cease military operations within American territory except for the operations predicted in this document.

2. For the purposes of temporary bonuses, Indonesia shall keep the following regions for the period of one month without charges: Hawaii; California and Nevada.

3. For the purposes of temporary bonuses, Canada shall keep the following regions for the period of one month without charges: Minnesota; Winconsin; Illinois and Iowa.

4. For the purposes of temporary bonuses, Japan shall keep the following regions for the period of one month without charges: Alaska; Washington; Idaho; Wyoming; South Dakota and Georgia.

5. All the regions not mentioned in this treaty and under the posession of Canada, Indonesia or Japan are to be returned to USA under coordination between the governments of Japan and USA.
5.1 In case of accidental attacks or resistance wars, it is of good faith that both governments inform each other in order to prevent further hostilities.

6. After the period of one month defined in the terms 2, 3 and 4, all countries are to meet in order to decide the fate of all occupied regions as well as the possibilities regarding the relations between all involved countries.

As a sign of good faith, the Presidents of the involved nations will sign this document publicly in the comment section.

You may find the original document here: https:///K1EYKB

New Government Programs

As some of you may understand, now that we have an agreement and the world political landscape is changing, it is time for our country to rebuild, as such Congress has approved a series of programs to help the new citizens. This programs will be announced more in deph by our current Secretary of Education SpitfireYG.

Options regarding the economy are also being discussed in Congress as a way to achieve stability for our nation.

Last words from the President

I'd like to thank all my cabinet members for their dedication during my 2 terms as President and I'd like to thank the American people for their tenure as well as the optimism during the course of this war. It was a great honor to serve as your President. I won't serve as your President for this term, this term Biohaze will take the lead in order to bring stability to our nation. I for instance will continue to serve as Secretary of State and I will continue to monitor our foreign relations. 

Thank you and kind regards,

This message has the seal of approval of the President of the eUnited States


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Signed from the President of the United States and now Secretary of State Abraham Lincoln
Pole viajera.
And Florida?
Great news! o7
Signed, vEmperor of Japan.
Good job! Smile o7
sighed, the president of liberation army of eindonesia
Smile Good luck my friend We had a lot fun
All well and good ... But who guarantees that after a month or 3 months ... ??? Warning! Anything is possible ... overnight Everything can change !!!
blame the presidents
They will attack us again after the treaty expires.They did last time it expired and they will do it this time too.
@Digital From this day USA and Nippon will work on better relationship and coordination so we can help each other. o7
Signed, from the President of Indonesia.
@Shiro I hope that s true.
You will see soon enough and Abe promised me some Cubans cigarettes so i must be nice :p
What about the new CP of USA? Was he in the negotiation, or was he informed and agreed about this thing. One more thing, is this using the in-game peace treaty mechanism or is it just like the other NAPs?
@Moers the new CP of USA is informed. I ve known him for quite a while and I did pass along the information. It s not like he s caught off the blue. As for the later part, for now it will be just like the other NAPs since there are still regions to recover. The peace treaty mechanism may be used later depending on the outcomes decided by both governments after a month.
Thanks for clarifying Smile
Abraham send me gold :p
I remember how arrogant were those chaps, the americans. Now they sign this nap. xaxaxaxa, I would never sign a nap giving original regions to another country
So, ostensibly, this isn t a treaty, it s pretty much a surrender?