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I just pumped out an article so if you haven t read it you should go and chek it out since but it talks about what s been going on recently. You can find a link to the article here. 

Now on to the more important news. I plan to run in the April CP Elections. I don t have any lavish plans or anything because I am merely a placeholder, but I still want to do some positive stuff. I would like to address who I would like to be in my cabinet

Interim President ----------- BioHaze
Vice President  --------------- N/A
Chief of Staff ------------------ dk3dknight
Secretary of State ----------- Abraham Lincoln
Secretary of Defense   ----- Arith
Secretary of Treasury ------ BioHaze
Secretary of Media ---------- Joey3790
Secretary of Interior----------HunBurry
Secretary of Education------SpitfireYG

If you are in my cabinet and do not want the position I have listed above then let me know. 

If you believe that you can help out in any way this month just send me a message. Please keep in mind that I am not a full-time President. I am just a placeholder so we don t go without a President. 

Thank you for your time




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i am willing to be POTUS.