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Hello my fellow citizens. I have heard that people want to know what is going on so I will go over what little I know. Let's get crackin'.

Presidential Elections

So as some of you may know, Presidential elections are in a few hours. Right now in the forums, we are discussing the lack of candidates and are trying to reach a solution. President Abraham Lincoln does not want to run for another term, but is willing to run since there is no other individual that wants to run for President. Abe also stated that if he is chosen to be president in April, he will not run for a 4th term.

ZT Studios

ZT Studios is a studio that produces podcasts. The first episode of its ZTNews show was released this past weekend. You can find the link to the audio here. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions please pm BioHaze, me.

What is Happening to the US?

Inactivity. That is what is happening. Abe's cabinet has been getting more and more inactive. This includes players MrSharp1219, our Secretary of State, HunBurry, our Secretary of Interior, and Apollos, our Secretary of Media. For those wondering why there are no White House Press Releases, it is because our SoM is inactive. Our country seems to have lost its excitement it had back in the day. Every since we started getting attacked, people started becoming inactive because the homeland was under attack. I feel that the only way that we can solve our problem is if some star citizen decides to step up and be a hero. 

With these Presidential elections coming up it shows two things, just how inactive our country is and how dependent on the skill and dedication of one player, Abraham Lincoln, our central government is. The fact that even one of the more active players aren't able to step up and run for president is quite unfortunate. I'm sure that if there was a PTO threat, there would be several people that would be willing to save the eUS and run for president to secure the position from the nefarious hands of PTOers. This curse of lackadaisicalness is rampantly spreading in our country and we need it to stop, because this laid back nature is how countries get PTOed or wiped. 

Moving on to the point about our dependence on Abe. Abraham Lincoln is basically God in the eUS. He is a well respected and I look up to him as a good leader. It would be great if he could lead us to the land of gold and free Q5 helis every month, but he can't. Abe, like the rest of us, is just another human playing this game for enjoyment. Abe is our crutch and I think we should ditch the crutch. We can't find anyone to run to be president so we just go to Abe. And Abe being Abe, he eventually says that he will run if no one else will (this same situation of running back to Abe happened in vPop several times too).

Although this is a good solution to our short term problem, the elections, think about our situation in one month. Abe states that he would not be a very active president and that he would rely on the assistance of his cabinet and congress heavily. If congress is the way they are right now, inactive, then we are going to keep going down the hill we are headed now. If the cabinet is the same that it is now, inactive, then we are going to keep going down the hill we are headed now. Even worse with the cabinet, there will be more vacant places because the three players I listed above that were inactive in the cabinet will no longer be in the cabinet. And well, if they maintain their position, then they may continue inactivity like how they are now. So Abe will be all by himself besides the help of a select few including Arith, SpitfireYG, Thomas Killah, and myself. 

Imagine we are in May on the 4, and may the force be with us of course, preparing for the next presidential elections. Hopefully, by then we will be in a better state because our crutch will be gone and we will have to run on our own. I say run because this game isn't too friendly to walkers and if you are caught walking well . . . you can see what happens to walkers if you look around you.

Thanks for reading :D




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Thanks for the article.
If Abe wants to rest and resign then let him rest and said rest in peace mr. Abe
Thanks for letting us know our situation.
No problem guys
Apologies for my inactivity this week. I had committed to writing a WHPR each week, but missed this Friday due to RL. I don t think that makes me entirely inactive, though. No one has tried to reach me in any way. I do agree that inactivity and boredom is killing the game. The community aspect has been lacking in the game since the beginning. Hoping it improves! I will get back on track this week. Hope to see more readers. It s hard to write without an audience.
umm sharpy has family problems:
I was going by who posted in the last few PDBs.
I m here. I have just been waiting on orders.
I stepped down from SoS about 3 weeks ago xD