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- дані актуальні на 85 день.
- заробітна плата є середнє з першої сторінки пропозицій по ринку праці кожної країни.
- Data on 85 current day.
- Salary is the average of the first page of offers on the labor market in each country.

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Job market Day 85


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Job market Day 84
Nice! v33
Japan is the best work place.
T as quand même pas de race Rapin x)
neat and helpful article, voted .. o7
my salary is late Sad
V + S!
Come to Japan Smile
v Battle legends Wink
you should add one more data - salary in gold Wink
rafal, ok, next time!
yeah,salary in gold is relevant tho.
Nice, maybe possible to include gold price and food q1 price is the same chart?
monex exchange rate gold to country currency should be added
sub 1000, pls sub back at eUkraine in 5 seconds view [ s4s leave comment,dont pm ]
Turkish salary will increase when then free their lands from Georgians!
weird table, france with 0.216 on place 8, while argentina is 5th with 0.037 ?
@gris84, France have 1 bonus, Argentina have 2 bonuses
@vist: so what ? The table is supposed to be about the job marked/salaries, isn t it ?
gris84 I ll take your suggestions in the next edition. Thank you.