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Published in United Kingdom - Political debates and analysis - 15 Jan 2016 00:52 - 1
Hello fellow eUK'ers,

To introduce the author,  Cat Boyd, I am a newcomer from (as most of us I'm sure) eRepublik. I am very excited to start a new game where new players are incredibly disadvantaged from old and has the potential to begin a new history. I started eRepublik in 2010 and it has greatly deteriorated since. I hope the dreams I had for eRepublik can come true in eRevollution. Side note: I am kind of annoyed that revolution is spelled with two l's but I guess I will get used to it.

You can count on me fighting for the United Kingdom, however, please be aware...this newspaper will be advocating for an independent eScotland and seeks the formation of a Scottish nationalist party to represent eScots. The creation of a new nation-state certainly is in line with e-Revollution.

Anyway please let's begin the game with respect, consideration, and plan on cooperating with each other. I may have different goals than some of you but my player loyalty to the current e-nation is not diminished by my long-term goal of an independent eScotland.

Sincerely your's,
Cat Boyd


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