Great Victory! Thanks to Allies!

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Small country with big heart, Georgia just proved that it s always ready to help allies!

Enemies thought that Georgia was easy target, they even threatened us that we shall lose all bonuses and even core regions, but with unity Georgia and it s allies proved once again that it s possible to beat such a strong alliance as TRS

I want to thank all countries that helped Georgia in this battle!

Thanks you France!                                                                   Thanks you Greece!                                                             Thank you Turkey!                        

Thank you Portugal!                                                               Thank you Romania!                                                               Thank you Brazil!                       

Thank you Italy!                                                                         Thank you Lithuania!                                                              Thank you Venezuela!                            



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Hungary just fcked with the wrong bull Smile
great battle georgia o7 france is always with true friends like you
o7! Georgia always defend their ally and friends! We never break the word ! Hail Friendship! Hail Ally !
Hail Georgia ô7
thanks friends Smile))
Great battle people! Thanks to all allies that supported us along the battle! We never forget those who helped us in need!
Thanks True Friends !!!!
o7 For Georgia ! For Ally! For Friends!
Good fight see you at next battle o/
Come on, you won just one battle... Just don t start crying when we delete you too.
Sturmmann Batbaianov you? bulgaria or hungry? LaughLaugh we know, Is a high probability That the end does not tolerate, but we are not slaves, we know friendship, we are proud, we are not afraid of shame, and WE ALWAYS GO ONE WAY
@Sturmmann Batbaianov Was not Lolgaria deleted since hmmmm let me think.. game was founded? That s you who must not be happy, cause now TRS and it s allies are stronger than formerEeagle countries.
I should not be happy? I m as happy as a little puppy! Laugh We were deleted, now our enemies will be deleted. Smile
thanks ally and hungary for great battle o7 may be you are stronger but this is only game just respect to each others, don t forget who we are in real life
o7 thanks to everyone who helped us , nothing will be forgoten! great battle
It was such a great battle! =) Hail Allies! Hail Friend!! Hail Georgia!!!
Thank you Georgia, you have big heart and big arm.
Those ones who recognize an ally support will have it so much as (im)possible. Count on with Brazilian Buddies.
LOL and Venezuelaan Flag?? :p
From Italy with love o7
lol... In next battles you haven t EB and will defeat hard ! Laugh just wait and see
Dungeon Keeper saw you next battle ? ))
A big tnx from turkey that is currently occupied by friendly Georgia
guys which battle was that? I m New. I m Here since 24 april
იმ სამმა ქვეყანამ რა დააშავა დროშა როარააქ?