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I think I have an idea how to make this game more interesting and more fair by fixing heli problem.

I think that we shoed introduce 3 types of training ground. What would they be?
Its better to have 3 training grounds where you get strength as you do now, but now you use training grounds to improve your skills with weapons.
For example:
I wish to be very skilled with tanks, so I chose a TG which gives me tank bonus+ strength.
Now in order to make this work every weapons would give the same bonus!
For example:
q1Weapons,q1 tanks and q1 helies would give you x2.2 dmg, q2 2.4 dmg, q3 2.6 dmg....
In the first example I said that I would train for tanks, so if I use q1 tank and I will get x2.2 dmg + bonus depending on my tank skills.

For all this to work, we will have to implement 3 walls.(for weapons, heli and tanks.) But this time it doesn t matter which type of weapon you use, you can make the same dmg with weapons, heli and tanks.

This way players in country will have to coordinate on which weapon to train so that they can win battles.
Battles would 2 out of 3 walls won!

Those players who spent hundreds of gold on helies factories admins would repay them in some way.

PLS read till the end and write your comments below

If we get enough votes we will send request to the admins to implement this idea.


Comments (7)

Again with the 3 walls? Same stupid idea for who no have visa. With that stupid idea the diferent btw the no visa and the visa players is gonna be more high.
you want 3 wall tank heli wep, come in cyber day 3 Cheeky Cheeky Cheeky
bad idea...
Didn t like The idea :/ sorry
So, what about us who invested 1290 gold to get q1 helicopters? If they accept this idea, it means that you can invest 10 gold and have wep just like me who invested 1290 gold Laugh I think that is not fair
whould have been possible at the start... with heli comps able to build without the need of a q5 tank comp... but now you cant make such a big change anymore... so nice try but sorry... Sad
Nah its ok idea, but a lot of people already invested 1300 gold for q1 helis, in my opinions its not fair that u can buy q1 gun for 10 gold and do the same dmg then someone who invested 1300 gold in q1 heli. Laugh