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To All Writers

I read articles and notice grammar/spelling mistakes that could easily be fixed, and it kind of bugs be. So, I am offering to help any writer in the editing process of writing. If you want another pair of eyes to look over your paper to help with spelling or grammar, then just send me a message. I will work for free, but donations are accepted. 

If you are looking to translate your article to English from another language, I can help you with that too, but that will be a paid service.

Real Life Trading

I study Finance and Econ and enjoy tracking stocks, so if you want me to check out a stock for you just let me know. Just checking out a few stocks will be free with donations (gold or real USD), but if you want me to track a custom portfolio, then that will definitely cost Gold/real USD.

I enjoy tracking stocks for fun, but I just thought I ll offer my services to others. Also, if anyone wants to discuss stocks and how the market it going, feel free to send me a message or go here: https://discord.gg/0uDhUrWevCge45UK.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article :D




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so you are a stock trader
I do paper trading
Smile Good Ideas!
Thank you @Jungrim
Ironic typo in first sentence. 😝
@Apollos. 😳
Apollos what is the typo?
Bio, would you mind looking at my most recent? http://www.erevollution.com/en/article/4269 thanks!
Yeah sure Trumpets. Thanks for the donation Laugh