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We have an awesome show tonight on erev party radio because we will be talking the future of eUSA and who will be the next Candidate for POTUS( President of eUnited states). The future of eUSA is uncertain  so we hope and pray that  Abraham Lincoln  successor is as worthy as him since we need strong leadership to re build this nation again. We are a nation founded by the principles of fre , equality and liberty which makes me proud to serve.
We will rise up from the ashes and  we must learn from our mistakes , we must try  something different since our nation was a tested militarily which we failed but we must not lose hope but instead we must never forget the lessons that we learnt from the battles that unfolded recently. Remember our will and might is strong thus we will not perish from the earth, we have a lot talk and a lot of programs that needs to be implement. I have plans and bills that will be submitted to congress  that will reform a particular system that I believe  needs to be reformed fast so I would like to welcome members of congress to find faults in our system and to fix it before it is abused.
We are living in an uncertain future which is hard to predict but i hope we are prepared to face them bravely as a nation, We have faced a lot of challenges and our country will never lose the hope and the will which makes us great. This is a message to every eUSA citizen please support our country by giving us feedback about the workings of our government since we need your feedback in order improve our nation so please criticize our government and provide meaningful solution as that's how democracy works. Remember a wise man once said an error does become a mistake until to refuse to correct it.
These are the actives that spins the wheels of democracy  which is needed  because no nation can succeed without it.It is welcome more articles should be published that will bring new ideas which is innovative and also we need more competition when it comes to the electoral system more candidates for congress or for president of eUSA. Right now the activity is  low lets hope it improves as time goes by 

Erev party radio will start at 9 pm CST


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Abe for CP ! And dont worry USA,i think that Japan and USA finished their war story so now we can start work on better relationship between us. o7
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