eWorld lottery - First round

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Regards to all erev players! o7

I ve decided to make a lottery for all erevollution players, regardless of their nationality.


To participate in lottery all you have to do is to send me 0,2 gold and I will anounce participants.

The prize fund is 90% of all the gold i received. I will regularly update the names of the participants. Lottery lasts from day 83 to day 88 (5 days for support, then i will announce the winner randomly.)

Good luck to all participants :)

Shout+Vote+Sub the article.

Regards o7

1. Mladja555
Mladja555 has transfered 0.2 GOLD to your account.
2. VaitapeVaitape has transfered 0.2 GOLD to your account.
3. Srdjan MSrdjan M has transfered 0.2 GOLD to your account.
4. KuranfilKuranfil has transfered 0.2 GOLD to your account.

THE WINNER IS Mladja555. Congratulations to him! :)


Mladja555King of Serbia

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Bravo, ocekujemo novo kolo!!!