(CMА) CP Election

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Hello friends

The subject of this article is voting for new CP.
The present CP, Panda Killer, is not able to do function of CP because of RL stuffs.
So, in this article, everybody from Canada can suggest one candidate in comments. The person with the most number of votes is next CP.

Also, you can’t vote for yourself, and of course, you can vote only ones.
Election will last until 3rd April.

Regards :)

Vojo 1389

EDIT: We have some changes and we decide to Raspistolj became next CP, so I m sorry for this, it s not my mistake :/


Comments (13)

CAM CP Election http://www.erevollution.com/sr/article/4148
i think first candidates should write here their names, because citizens dont know who want to be president and who will refuse even with biggest number of votes
I suggest some active player, someone who will have time to develope our small comunity Smile o7
Well, as u see, no one has voted, and if came to that problem, we will figure solution Wink
Danilo96 u need to write name Laugh
Vojo 1389, here you are name Laugh
Vojo 1389 for CP Smile
hmmm lets say me sta je panda nije valjda zena jbm Laugh
Ma devojka ne pravi problem... Samo fax Laugh
ok then i vote for Vojo 1389
Vojo 1389
Ok, I ll back Vojo 1389 too
v for Amotries,he is our most active player,he is almost lvl28