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Greetings citizens,

ο»ΏWe have got another update for you:

First of all the considering the suggestion/plan for 3 walls in battle, published 2 days ago, the voting resulted in majority voting for no to implementation, so we shall listen to you and not implement it.

Secondly, we bring you new updates that will make the game easier for people who just started playing, to get to the point where they have some influence as well:
We are introducing a second Workout Area, that will grant 10 strength when working out, for players that are below 1000 strength.Β  They will be able to train in both Workout areas, thus get to 1000 strength faster, but after that will be able to only use the basic one as everyone else above 1000 strength.

Last, but not least, the raw material used for weapon production has been changed.

eRevollution Team


Nyx UlricKorgothPatton

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ok now. give me my gold.
voteeee coool
nicely done
great.. this sick situation with uneeded weapons factories will never change.. Spend over 250 gold and then you will maybe be able to produce something valuable..
Good change with raw materials needed by higher q of weapons.. This way ,they are more usable. o/
Fix the gold, it runs like clock at my profile...
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Come to the dark side. We have cookies
sir admin raw material for pistol q1 for tank q1 is the same ??? how big is the tank ?
It should be diferent, using raw for Q1 weapon same as Q1 tank and Q1 heli is kinda bad, if this itens double and triple your hit, you should double and triple the amount of raw to make them
its good thing about 3 wals. IMO 3 walls could only be improvement if players ware locked where they fight, so that one player can pick where he wants, to fight and after shooting there, he wouldnt be able to change for that battle. And ofcourse removal of RPGs from other walls. But the way it was suggested it wouldnt change thing to make it more interesting for players who cant waste tons of RL money..
Go for Q1 helifarming..
respect for adhering to the will of majority! vote!
We will see how this affects the market, and add some more changes after this. We are not done balancing.
you should change raw usage between weapons,tank and heli. Not between Quality of any type of weapon.
1 April?
What when old players will have 7-8k str ? Or will put another TC until 8str. I agree the idea that there should be one extra tc for new players in This way after some time they will be equal with others but that TC should be permanent and the str that give should depent and in The most stronger players.
Now, with these changes in the amount of RAW, definitely the only company that is productive in the game is the Q1 Heli, the rest are crap, congratulations guys hope it s another joke, because it means the game runs it ... :
jaime7854 lel not rly it was only one now u have other options Laugh
Only multi makers and VISA players could have the 1300g- to have a q1 heli factory. I cant tke this game serious.
Not rly, group of players can have helis, so instead od crying start organizing something
@w1zL Who will do q5 wep, if half of Q1 tank product can do, and who will do Q5 tank, if you do half Q1 heli? And who will do Q5 heli, if material costs half to Q1 heli? Jimmy86 have every reason:
Good changes were observed... The unique issue that would be good was the 3 wall battle and, unfortunately, it was not accepted. About the rest, good changes.
lel ofc noone will do q5 wep when they can do q1 tenk for less raw, but u told me that this situation is worse now and its not, before this changes u needed 1000 raw for q5 weps tanks helis, now u need 400, so yea its much better then it used to be.
less amount is fine, but the differences between Q1-Q5 are what is wrong
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why you didnt make the noob training for lets say 75% (or if you want just 50% but 75% whould be more nice...^^) of the highest STR? for example if the strongest player in the game is having 2k STR you can use the noob TC until you reach 1500 STR and so on... the way that you added it you have to update it again and again in steps and in every step whould someone cry because he allready reached the next higher STR...
Yep agree with raf here until u reach 75% of highest STR player u can use Noob tc and the noob tc will give u 10 str evry day, thats actualy rly good Laugh
votado Laugh
oh and btw... my calculation about the raws is still better than yours... Cheeky
around 400 votes was for 3 walls...many of those who voted no did that because you made 30 gold rule for every attack + overpowering RPG that has no sense in 3 wall battle....all in all people want changes and you give us retarded new raw usage formula that has no sense..same amount of raw for q1 wep and q1 heli Laugh trololololol
3 walls are good option, but not the way that was offered in article. Need better option. Why not to make 3 walls , 3 different train skill. And then just change the name of weapons (gun tank heli) to another one.
We need 3 walls
rip 1k strenght +
It was always same amount of raw for Q1 weapon and Q1 heli, but we reduced diffrence between Q1 and Q5 of any weapons.
What about a Real Event here?
Three walls? Good idea, but the majority said NO. Second Workout Area? Good idea, implemented without asking Laugh
@Damio The 3 walls update would have meant a dramatic change in the game mechanics, as for the second workout area it is a minor update and it only changes the game for begginers and even that for just a short period of time. That s why I think it was right to have a vote on the 3 walls system.
3 walls!!!!
can second tc be upgraded?
less and less I like this Jakobowski... I mean game
3 walls is good but not everyone can fight there. Let new players have a wall so they can get some bh. And to open battle with 30 golds would kill small countries.
YAY Admin listen to us, no 3 walls, no 30gold to open battle. And free 10 Strength. Nice Smile)
https://suna.e -
When Q5 weps will be avaliable to be sold. Now are 4 months without possibility of them. No orgs nothing of nothing...