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Published in Poland - First steps in eRevollution - 14 Jan 2016 23:40 - 2 PL EN Ćwir Ćwir Wszystkim i Każdemu Z Osobna! Chirp Chirp Everyone, and Every Single One of You! Straight to the topic. English only. A LETTER TO SUB4SUBers

Dear Readers,

About 5 days ago we started our life in world of eRevollution. Many people involved themselves into various activity. Working, Fighting, Training, Merchanting... To make us like the game more and acknowledge our achievements, The Team added something called Medals.

However... That system had flaws. Many of them. Someone figured Society Builder medals has been given for each person and started producing multies. Someone found there is a possibility to lie to Admins and get gold to create a party and took over a whole country... Finally, someone figured Media Mogul medal is given for 100 subscribers.

The whole newspaper module and shout module became chaotic. People started to do everything to get another point on a subscription counter, spamming in shouts and in private messages. Only in yesterday (Day 4) I`ve got about 100 messages involved `Sub4Subing`. Often a newspaper had over 120 subscribers and... no articles. It`s weird. It`s debatable. And it`s annoying.

I know, for some people it`s `just another way to get some gold` (and often for nothing because the other person can`t directly check you gave a sub or not - just look at me, I answered all of the messages and still don`t have that MM medal), but... wouldn`t be easier for all the players if that would be more organized? For a player like me, trying to find something in current press means swimming through the mes of `S4S flyer articles`. I know after those my words most people will hate me, but I won`t answer for a sub4sub message anymore. If I am destined to achieve Media Mogul medal, I want to get it fair and square - by writing good articles.

I know I am not the only `s4s-hater`. There is more people like me, irritiated by a fact of S4S spamming. But still, `it`s just a game and that`s just the way for getting gold`. So please, dear sub4sub`ers. At least be subtle about that - have one player maintaining the `S2S Exchange Movement`, spam less and let players live. :)

With a loud `Chirp Chirp~!`,
Phor Killick
President of Poland


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Co do artykułu chyba, że zaczniemy tak robić ale tylko w stosunku do "naszych" (Polska ma 113 osób) więc każdy kto założy gazetę powinien dostać 100 sub i 5 golda Smile
Ale weź to skoordynuuj... Cheeky