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Good turk is banned turk.
Hahahhah Laugh
da bar psuju književnim engleskim nebi se čovjek ni ljutio toliko XD
Why is baned?
Pazi da ti ne naraste treca guzica-dupeLaughLaughLaugh.....a ne drugo okoLaugh
BorKhan, why you English in?
My england is no best, what say?
Ciiigaaanjskaa pooslaa, dooooooobaaaaaaaaaaaar Cheeky Cheeky Cheeky
As a leader BorKhan is a cosmopolitan, knowing english is a critical virtue, silly Marlock..
štoe banovan lignjoslav ?
suza suzu goni :_)
ogonugun bugunugun çogocuguklagarıgı
you Croats don t have their own will? from now on, shame on you that will be inserted in the neck of the label of apostasy.
Quiz question: Who killed Sultan Suleiman September 5, 1566 at Siget? Croatian king Zrinski with its 2,500 soldiers against 100,000 Turks ... troll mode on/ Now after 450 year we celebrate in Croats Istanbul, day after tomorrow in Croats Ankara. See you in the Birth Place of all Croatians - Persia (Iran), precise location: Niniva - in a few days!!
d0ct0rward0m, If anyone is shame and apostasy, it s you. We play a game, you shoot RL lies and ego. You lose respect
Da je sloboda i demokracija Bila bi turska a ne Croatia Laugh Al nema slobodne nema demokracije zato Turska jos ostaje Rvacka Laugh
dobar GJ, dobar Laugh Laugh Laugh
lol ı cant see any crotia place on this map this is gifted from kanuni sultan suleyman Laugh
shame trolz+trolz+99trolz+alltrolz+ but animals cant shame right sorry Marlock you are right Sad ı feel like stupid because ı was try to talk with a animal Laugh ı find this picture from marlock facebook LaughDD
@deadly on ur screen all croatia is free ...
@BorkKhan S koje s ti grane pao ... kakav kralj Zrinski..Sta ima tu da se slavi
Duchman_1, s one na koju ti još nisi evoluirao Deadly, your picture is greath. Moskwa is Turkey? Laugh btw, I see Croatia
wrong pictures oh sorry ıam not good searched it Laugh guys look this
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